20 ideas for your next blog post idea that will go viral.

Are you stuck in a rant? Going through writers / bloggers block? Here are some wonderful places to get your next viral blog post ideas.

  • Holiday inspiration: Mother’s Day is coming soon. Write about that. Whatever holidays are near. Google about when the holidays are, print that cheat sheet and stick it up where you can see it or where your work desk is. This helps when scheduling posts as well. Birthdays, functions and events are worth writing about.
  • Social media– YouTube, Pinterest, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snap chat, WordPress Discover, Instagram: What has your phone beeping every 5 to on social media? What are people so worked up about? Write about it while the hype is still on.
  • Check your downloads: I tend to download many things during the day. They are all laying in my downloads folder. It is your gold mine. Go dig up that gold, refine them and write your next blog post that will go viral.
  • Refresh old posts – Check your WordPress stats and see which posts did very good a month ago. Chances are people have moved on from it. Refresh your pictures and social media pins, add and delete relevant content. And Viola your next blog post idea that will go viral.
  • Check your screenshots: I am guilty of screen grabbing a lot. There is gold in these screen grabs. I ask myself it must have been quite important for me to keep it.

Your next viral blog post is a tick away. You will need to:

  • Check the place you write rough ideas at 2am: If you are like me whose sleep runs out at 2am, or whatever time when you are supposed to be sleeping. The house is quiet, and my ideas run a milestone, I jot down these ideas on WhatsApp and send them to myself. When I am fully awake, I write these ideas as a blog post. I must say that I get pretty darn good ideas at that time.
  • Other bloggers in your niche: What are other bloggers in your niche doing? Especially those bloggers with a thousand followers. Grab that idea, make it better, spice it up, add your tone and outlook to it.
  • Pictures or photos inspiration: A picture says a thousand words. A thousand words is good enough for your next viral blog post, don’t you think? ? Your photos that you randomly took can magically inspire you to write a post. I found photos of my Dischem baby bag that I took a year ago while browsing photos on my phone. (That is a good blog post idea, Note taken.)
  • Freebies you received from other bloggers: Most times I download freebies, but I don’t usually go back and have a look at them. Chances are these freebies will inspire you to create your own or write a post about them.
  • Any special thing happening in your life: What things can someone learn from what special thing is happening in your life. Write about it and share. Is your child going through a growth spurt? Read about it here:

Other ideas for your next blog post are:

  • Google analytics: See whose looking at your posts, what need are they facing today? Research and write a post meeting that need.
  • Google search history: I am a google mom. Whenever I need something, I google search it first. Refer to your search history. Maybe you searched for something and forgot about it. There sure is some random staff in there but who knows, something of value might come up. Facebook search is quite handy as well.
  • Ask your followers: If you already have established followers, pop them an email or a post asking what do they need, or want to read from your next blog post? You might get good replies. You may do a live Q&A on Facebook as well. Put an ask questions section and make a blog post about the questions you receive. You may add a poll on your Facebook page that allows your readers to respond to.
  • Now is also a good time to check your post it notes and your journal. You may have written a good heading in passing. Your to-do list may also be a good idea for your blog post. If your to-do list is an organization list, write a post on organizing and throw in an organization checklist freebie. That will also motivate you to tackle your to-do list.
  • Good conversations and quotes: Have you ever had an awesome discussion with someone that leaves you all jittery and feeling good. You just can’t help but jot down that wonderful convo. Go ahead, some special person needs to hear/read about it. The sermon at church last Sunday is a good thing to share.

You might as well write about:

Your next viral blog post
  • Go with the flow. Start your draft with nothing to say, write down whatever comes to mind. Who knows it might turn out to be a good post to share with your audience? Some of my blog ideas come from free flow writing.
  • Movies, a good book, a song, memories and nature: These are good fire lighters that spark a good blog post. Facebook likes to send me memories of things I posted a year ago and so far, these are great ideas for you to stamp on.
  • Tutorials and how-to-guide: Everyone is good at something. Share your knowledge and passions creatively in a how-to-guide and tutorials.
  • Your next big thing: Write your blog post on your next big thing. Are you starting a business? Giving birth soon? Going on an adventure? Or maybe your little one is starting school, should you continue being a SAHM or not?
  • Something you are learning to do is also a good journey post to share. Or maybe you are trying a new product. That is worth writing about. You can share your before and after posts.

In conclusion: these are the wonderful resources that you can use to write your next blog post idea that will go viral. Step out of your comfort zone. Be authentic and share who you are. I hope your next blog post goes viral. Cheers MrsChettyLife. ? Thank you for liking, commenting, pinning and sharing this post. Liked reading this post? Read more posts from MrsChettyLife:


May 17, 2019 at 12:59 am

Great ideas Natasha. I am trying to learn to spread out my blog writing throughout the week. I tend to block one evening to everything. Write, graphics, hashtags, key words, alt text, and it is a lot. If I can use these ideas and write a little throughout the week, it would help me tremendously.

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