Your baby loves you

Things your baby loves about you.


Your smile. Your baby is always starring at your beautiful smile. It warms his / her soul.

Your eyes. Your baby is always looking deeply into your eyes. The saying goes eyes are the windows to the soul.

Your voice. Your voice is calming and reassuring to your baby. Just the sound of it calms him or her down. S/he can also feel the vibrations of your voice when s/he lays his or her head on your chest.

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Your arms around them. Your baby feels safe and secure when you hold them. When they are afraid of something they want you to hold them. Even when they are unwell. Your arms are their safe spot.

Your heartbeat. Your baby could hear your heartbeating when they were in your womb. This is their world. That’s why soothing apps emphasize on the heartbeat.

Your scent. Your baby knows you by your scent. When a baby is born they can’t really see for the first few weeks. Your scent is their cue and they know you by it.

Your face. Your baby is always finding ways to stare at your face, hold and touch your face. It’s one part of you that they see first and the most. It’s no wonder they stare at you especially when feeding.

You. Your baby loves all of you. You are their first love and their world is centered around you for many years to come. You are their source. They rely on you for everything even when they don’t understand what’s going on, they know you do. They trust you.

Signs your baby loves you

When my baby meets a stranger and this person speaks to him. The first thing my baby does is look up at me for approval. If I am smiling he will smile back at the stranger.

Your baby wants to be held. S/he can be in the middle of playing. And will suddenly come to you. Just to be held then will go back to play. This is a sign your baby loves you.

S/he wants to involve you in everything s/he does. S/he wants to share with you whatever s/he cares about. When my baby likes something, he claps and looks at me so that I can clap too. Your baby also wants to be involved in everthing you do.

Your baby uses you as a shield. When my baby is afraid he holds on tightly and buries his head on my chest or holds onto my leg.

Your baby trusts that you will know what is wrong with them just by crying. My son speaks to me in baby language, he thinks I know what he says. And I sure play the part.

Your baby gets your sense of humor. S/He laughs at your jokes and your silliness.

when someone else carries your baby s/he still looks back at you.

Your baby loves to smile at you. My baby waits for my to give him eye contact then his beautiful dimpled smile emerges.

Your baby looks for you in a crowd. It feels like it’s only you and him or her in a crowd. Your baby only has eyes for you. His or her eyes light up when they see you.

Your baby misses you when you are not around. One night my baby slept before his father came home. The next day my son grabbed onto his dads leg and wouldn’t let go of him. What a sight it was seeing his father drag his leg around because my son was wrapped around his leg.

Your baby cries for you and your attention. My baby gets annoyed if I speak on the phone for too long. Or if I sit and cuddle with my husband. He wants all my attention on him.

Your baby calms down when you hold him or her.

Your baby relies on you for food. My son loves to eat what I eat. We laughed one evening my husband and I were having dinner. My son kept going back and forth eating from my husband’s plate and mine. Even though he had his own plate.

Your baby holds your finger, cuddles with you and blesses you with random hugs.


Do you ever wonder why your son or daughter cries more with you. S/He was fine all day, till mom or dad came home. Your baby is comfortable to express emotion around you because s/he loves you.

Your baby knows your voice. My son said Dada when I was speaking to his father on the phone.

Your baby accepts you as you are. Because you are amazing just the way you are.

Your baby knows your smell. There is this video that goes around of a baby frantically crying. The father puts his mother’s smelly clothes next to the baby and the baby stops crying. It shows your baby knows your smell and loves you for it.

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