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Working in silence

Working in silence: Have you ever seen a construction site work in progress? Have you ever seen a shop being fitted and revamped? It looks an absolute mess, and half of the things don’t make sense.

But come back a few weeks later and you will see a whole new beautiful structure. Its like that huge mess that was there is gone (poof disappeared) and no one remembers it. Everyone sees and appreciates the beautiful thing that has emerged.

Having our own construction / shopfitting company has taught me to never judge a book by its cover. And to work in silence. The only people who know about the demo or the finished product is the site owner, the contractor and the architect.

People passing by have no idea of what it is being built nor the hard work, sweat nor long hours put into it. Nor the snags that will have to be redone over and over till you have a finished product.

Why am I talking about shopfitting? What has this got to do with you? You asked right. When you have a business or a new project, a new baby, a recent marriage or a weight loss programme you need to see through to get done and taken care of.

You start from scratch. This idea has never been done by you, it will require much effort, blood, sweat and tears. This includes new moms and your baby / ies.

Even still snags from the finished product will need to be redone. You will learn and try, unlearn and retry till you come up with a finished product. You will cry, smile, feel like a fool, fail and want to give up.

Yes, you will gain some weight or loose very little compared to the hard work you put in. And yes, they will whisper and talk behind your back. You will argue today, kiss and make up.

Eventually you will succeed if you never give up. You will wonder why you even thought of giving up in that instance. Yes, one day you will look back and smile, thinking it was silly of you to think that way.

People who watched your journey scorned and laughed at you. Believe that you will amaze those same people who thought what a mess! Who did not understand your idea and your dreams just like Joseph in the Bible (Gen 37: 5-11).

Another thing I learnt is that you should watch who you share your dreams to. Some people are dream killers. Others do not want to see you succeed. Some may be jealous of you or want the glory to themselves, others may be struggling and seeing you succeed will eat at them.

While with others, they may steal your dreams. You may not be understood. It is usually with people who you feel you can trust who do this. (Josephs’ brothers where so jealous of his dreams that they sold him (Gen 37:27).

The best idea is to work in silence. Build, cry, sweat, smile, glory and try again in the comfort of your own self. Study, learn new tricks, sharpen old ones, teach and train yourself.

Working in silence as hard as you can and let them see the finished product. Don’t just sit when working in silence. Prove them wrong, prove yourself wrong. Have courage you can do it. Trust me nothing you want comes easy. There will be ups and downs. Celebrate the ups enough to get you through the downs.

Practise makes perfect. Achieve perfection by practising and equipping yourself with the right materials and support system that will get you to the point where you thrive. Use the downer nancys as motivation to keep your head up and keep hustling.

Joseph thrived everywhere he went. He was put in charge of Potiphars’ household. Was thrown in prison on false accusations. Still he gained favour of the prison ward and was put in charge of the prisoners (Gen 39:21-23).

Years later he was put in charge of Egypt. Imagine all Joseph went through. His dreams still came to pass as his brothers and father knelt before him just as he had dreamt (Gen 42).

Now your dreams may be different from Josephs’ but I guess you get my point. There will be hard times and good times when managing your dream (business, baby, marriage, weight loss etc).

It will take a while and you will have to be strong. But you will get there. Where it is planned to be. Imagine If Joseph was bitter and never worked hard or even worse gave up? I am certain he would have died somewhere without fulfilling his dream.

Your dream is your baby to nurse. Only you can handle that dream. No one else is better equipped for it. Be it physically, mentally, socially, creatively or intellectually. You have all the tools you need. All you have to do is use them. Trust me you have all the tools.

Working in silence efficiently and silently. Keeping watch of who you tell and equipping yourself. Your dream will come to pass. As long as you keep doing something about it and working on it. No matter the cost. Soon enough or not as soon as you hope, it will come to pass.

This is your sign, if you have been postponing on working on your dream. Get up and go do it. A drop is better than an empty tin. One step at a time.

Remember this, people will always have something negative to say. What matters is what you do with this information. Will you let it get to you and bring you down or will you let it build you?

This reminds me of a movie on Netflix called ‘Tall Girl’. She kept letting people walk over her and say mean things to her.

Until she realized it in the end that she was beautiful. And she used the very same words others teased her with as a stepping stone to embracing her true self is all her beauty.

“You are beautiful no matter what they say, words can’t bring you down.” Beautiful-Christina Aguilera.

In conclusion: Work hard. Hustle hard. Work smart. Your dreams will come true. You matter and are significant. Most importantly, work in silence.

Cheers MrsChettyLife.

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