What does a blogger do?

A blogger means toWhat does a blogger do?

Blogging is not just about blogging. I learnt this as soon as I began to blog. There are lots of other things involved and you need to have knowledge of.

Especially if you are doing it on your own. I quickly learned many terms when blogging and I’m still learning.. This is my list of what I found out:


  • always have a pen and paper to write down random ideas
  • be a doer
  • be a graphic designer or know what you doing when designing
  • be a little tech savvy
  • be a marketer
  • be a reader
  • be a researcher
  • be a SEO specialist or at least know the basics

What does a blogger do? 

  • be a social media expert in one social media field

  • be a web designer or know what you doing when designing
  • be a writer
  • be an editor
  • be influencers
  • be branded
  • be creative
  • be fun and outgoing
  • be open and vulnerable to share your most defined secrets

What does a blogger do? 

  • be outspoken
  • be persuasive
  • be smart
  • be unique
  • be valuable to other people
  • converse
  • create time for your blog
  • find out who you are
  • have a free advertising platform
  • learn everyday
  • never give up
  • not judge
  • platform to step into greatness
  • reflect your personality
  • talk or write too much in an organized way
  • to be smart

  • to share and give
  • to view the world differently
  • understand the nitty-gritty
  • work hard
  • Notebook

In conclusion, being a blogger has many shoes to fit. S/He is a multipurpose, vast knowing doer. You can ask for help if you can’t manage to do all these things.

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Cheers, happy blogging, MrsChettyLife.


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