Valentine’s day gift

Valentine’s day gift

Did you forget its valentines day?
Oh you were too busy or on budget to run to the store and get something. Are you a DIY mom or wifey. I have the perfect gift you can give your loved one.

Start with a clean home. Clean up your space. There’s nothing more stressful than a messy house. Do a quick tidy up right before hubs comes home. If you like you can set everything needed for your evening.

Next whip up his favourite meal.

Store bought or eco-friendly and home cooked. Or bake something, if you are up for it. The home should smell inviting right from the car park.

Follow up with a big smile, a kiss, whilst wearing his favourite scent on you, a rob and sexy lingerie underneath when he walks in. Kids tucked in bed or out with granny’s.

Tell him to relax, kick his shoes off and feed him. Watch a movie or play some music after eating while the food settles. Keep the relaxing music on.

valentines day

It’s time for a Sensual Valentine’s day massage.

What’s needed?
*Whatever Massage oil you have – olive oil or coconut oil with lavender essential oil.
Preheat in a double boiler for a few secs. Please check temperature before use. We don’t want to scald him.

*A blanket or towel you don’t mind messing with oil.
Undress him. Let him lay down flat and relax.
*Massage in rotating circles, concentrating on the knotted areas.

Read here on tips for massaging (works on baby, works on hubs): Calming a fussy baby through Baby massage

Valentine’s day Mini home spa.

What’s needed?

A bath

Soy scented candles

A scrub

Bath salts infused with essential oils- I used lavender and tea tree.

Bubble bath

Light your candles.
Place them away from the water.
Switch off the lights.
Make sure your soothing music is on. Search for relaxing music on YouTube.

Run the cold water, add bubble bath, run the hot water.
valentines day

Add the bath salts.
Let hubs soak for 10 to 20 minutes or as long as you like.
Using the scrub for exfoliating.
You can join him as well. 😉
Rinse off with a warm face cloth and clean water.

In conclusion: Voila!! ? Happy valentine’s day.
Cheers MrsChettyLife.

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