How to be the best version of unique you. Celebrating uniqueness.  

When God created us, he created us special, one of a kind and unique. Can you imagine all the billions of people in the world? Consider twins, even our sons and daughters though they may be similar and have similar characteristics there is not one who is the exact same as the other.  


Our fingerprints are different. This is who we are. We are made different by experiences we face, environments we leave in and likes and dislikes. I may love peanut butter but my son who looks like me may not. That said how do we step into this lovely thing called unique.

My son is going through the “mine” stage. Where he is having a sense of belonging. He knows it is his. We all go through this stage but how do we embrace it without sounding selfish?  

We all have a unique purpose. And this purpose will not be fulfilled if we do not fulfill it. I did a whole 4-part series on Life purpose and how you can step into your life purpose. The first step should be recognizing that you are special and unique. For thanksgiving (which is today the 26th of Nov 2020), I would like to appreciate you, the whole unique you.   

It begins when we are born. A name is given to each of us to identify ourselves as unique. As we grow and interact with people, they begin to impress things (character) on us and ways we should go and act. Most times we try to blend in and cover up our uniqueness to fit in and be cool.

As we grow up some people continue to blend in while others shine in their uniqueness. This is shown through unique work activities. While some suppress that need and do what is expected of them.  


I have a friend who has freckles, she was teased a lot when she was younger. But now freckles are cool. We have people trying to imitate and create fake freckles. I am always the one standing out in a crowd. The small fiscal mouse. I am the quiet observer. And this is where my strength lays. I don’t drink nor smoke nor club. It is not my vibe.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t despise anyone who does that. It’s just my preference. If you were looking for me when I was young, I would be home engrossed in a book. Most days you will still find me home. And this is where my uniqueness is. I write, read, blog, do artwork and use my hands to create. The introvert in me sings.  

Being unique also shows through our choices. This includes our choice in music, our taste in food, beverage, choice of clothing, cars, etc. Where we decide to take our kids to school and what we choose to buy.

Making choices exemplifies our uniqueness because not everyone will choose the same thing. For example, I love Zambian music. My friend prefers house music. Another maybe into rock music while rock music is not my taste.   

Our uniqueness shines through even when we don’t notice it. My husband prefers a small low pillow while I love a high pillow. Differences in our uniqueness is what makes us bond together. I am an introvert, my husband is an extrovert, but we get along very well.  

you unique

How does one celebrate their uniqueness? 

  1. Self-acceptance. If we accept ourselves for who we are and are comfortable in our own skin, we reach a point where we know who we are and no matter what other people tell us to be we will still be who we are. 
  1. Stay true to ourselves. We should not do things that we feel uncomfortable doing. We should not just follow the crowd even when we know it is wrong.  
  1. Spending time with ourselves. A relationship requires that you converse, spend time together, and get to know each other. You will also need to cultivate a relationship with yourself so that you get to know yourself much better. Sometimes life throws curves at us that helps us discover ourselves and learn things about ourselves that we thought we couldn’t do.
  2. Many times, we limit ourselves by saying we can’t do it. Without trying we won’t. Spending time alone cultivates and creates a strong relationship (bond) with us. I love some alone time because it helps me focus and I get creative. My husband always says he gets more things done alone, because the focus is there and there is no one to disturb us.  
  3. We should be our biggest motivation. Many times, we are alone and there is no one there with us. Even through tough times and darkest moment we are alone. But we emerge. Our greatest cheerleader is ourselves. Many times, people don’t notice our achievements, if you are always looking for approval from other people, they will let us down.  
  4. The only limit we have is ourselves. If we say we can’t do it and we don’t try, the only one who can stop us is ourselves. And if we say we can do it, the sky is our limit or our pedal stool. 
  5. We all have strengths and weaknesses. This is what makes us shine and makes us unique. My strength is different from the next person. I am very good at writing; my husband is good at creating physical things. I can write 1000 words in an hour while he can build something in an hour. My strength makes me unique. That is why I blog, and my husband doesn’t.  
  6. Gratitude helps us look at the positive and appreciate the small things we have. It helps us to be comfortable in our own skin.  
  7. Reading positive books, quotes and listening to positive podcasts, music as well. These encourage us and uplift us to be unique and shine in our own way.  
  8. Unique work. For example, one can sing and becomes a musician, while others are writers, doctors etc. Each of us serve a unique purpose and we collaborate, helping each other. If we were all teachers, who would help us get better when we are sick?  

“When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change, cause you’re amazing, just the way you are. And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, cause you’re amazing, just the way you are.” Bruno Mars- Just the way you are.  

Therefore, I love Montessori because it inspires and highlights uniqueness from a very young age. For me the phrase ‘follow the child’ highlights uniqueness as it flourishes in the child, lets the child make decisions in a healthy and safe prepared environment by the adult.

And I believe every person is unique and special in their own way. I believe we all have creativity and uniqueness within us that needs to be ignited, nurtured, and inspired.  


In conclusion, you are unique. Celebrate, embrace and glorify in this. There is no one like you (an exact copy). We should all understand each other and allow a space for our uniqueness to flourish.

There is no right or wrong person. Water your well and uniqueness and shine. We should remember that our uniqueness should not overstep on the uniqueness of others nor disobey the law.

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Cheers MrsChettyLife.  


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