Unconditional Love

Unconditional love: A parent understands these tiny feet that stomp, stomp! Working hard all day long and keeping mom and dad on their toes. A thousand tiny steps.

These blessed hands exploring the adventure called life. So strong and gentle at the same time. Loving and caring. As they clap when he is excited.

Oh, how my heart melts when both his hands wrap around mine. When we hold hands as we walk down the street. As his grip is firm when he insistently tells me “come mommy” so that we go to rediscover a treasure he found.

unconditional love

These eyes as they shine and glitter at me.

Captivating and mesmerizing. As they flutter open, as an immediate smile sparkles when he recognizes his mama.

These cute lips that freely give and initiate tiny kisses. That big blooming laughter revealing these perfect white teeth. His smile just lights up my world and all my walls are shattered in the most divine accepting way.

This heart that beats a drum. I love to feel it, the evidence of being alive. This heart that loves unconditionally and shows mercy.

This head on top that thinks a mile. Advanced for his age. A great problem solver. 

This voice that booms, calling mommy every 2 minutes. Telling about his toys and treasures. The love for cars, daddy, soccer balls, Kenzi, Kylen, Sky and Blippi. 

How everyday is a different day and a second chance to start afresh. 

Just to think someone depends on me 100%, makes me so humble and afraid at the same time. I beat myself down and can only pray I do right by him. 

Because he watches everything I say and do.

And he learns the very things I don’t teach him intentionally.  

When he hugs, his little hands curl around my neck. All my fears run away, my eyes close shut and my heart memorizes and cherishes this moment.

love unconditional

When we converse, especially times I don’t expect him to answer and he responds. Or laughs in agreement. 

How he loves the small things I love like peanut butter, writing, walks, flowers, music and nature. And notices unconventional things I notice that others seem to ignore such as the texture of the wall or the glass chandelier. Or a small tile or rock that’s unique in it’s own light. 

He instantly calms down and physically relaxes when he hears my voice or feels my touch.

Just a deep breath of my scent makes him A-ok.

When he trusts that everything will be ok when mom is here. Mom automatically knows what is wrong, how to make it right, and mom understands him.

As he looks out for me. Telling me sorry if I cry, scream, shout, gives me hugs and kisses. 

When he shouts “Mama, cars!” Signalling to me to get off the road where he is safely on the side walk.


How much I have learnt about the strengths I didn’t have, the zeal to live life, the skills I have, so much more I can do and am worth. The amount of work I can do on very little sleep. And how much I can care for a little person much more than I can myself.

How much I want to do and be better for him. My super powers, mommy instinct , intuition and fast reflex, all these I gained when I became his mother. 

He is my son. My person.

As my husband and I make important life decisions and sacrifices to keep him alive, safe, healthy and sound.

How much I strive to be and teach Eco Moms about a better alternative environment for him to have a future. And better solutions to common problems. Leaving a legacy for my son.

Only a parent understands the deep boundless unconditional love we have for these human beings who rock our worlds apart, only to bring them together, much stronger.


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Cheers I Love You, my son



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