The ultimate beginners guide to blogging.

The ultimate beginners guide to blogging.

This post is all you need to know about blogging.

Blogging all starts with a good logo for your website. Your logo should be SMART.

Simple: don’t add too many complicated symbols in your logo that will leave your client confused.

Memorable: someone should be able to connect you and your logo when they see your logo elsewhere. Your logo should be easy to remember.

Appropriate: Your logo should be appropriate to your niche and brand.

Relatable: Your logo should be able to draw readers to it by relating to the reader.

Timeless: Would your logo be able to stand the test of time?


Picking your domain name is also an essential part in blogging. Remember that your domain name is something that will stick with you for many years. Your domain name should be short and easy to remember as well.

Another important step in blogging is your host. You should have a good host from the get-go. So that you should focus on building a good blog rather than if your site is working today or not. Take some time researching on a good web host before you spend money on a bad host before you begin your blog.

Have you always wanted to start a blog, but you are not entirely sure what it involves? Or maybe you are new to blogging and still trying to understand what you need to do? You can read here about what a blogger does:

You need to figure out what niche you will blog about. It gives you some sense of direction on what to do. It also gives you the right organic traffic which is good for your blog. You may read about finding your niche here:

Do you need some inspiration? Here are my top 14 bloggers who give me lots of inspiration and freebies. Their blogs are informative and worthwhile:

Places to get ideas for your next blog post:



Your strengths

Keywords Everywhere


Other blogs


Seasonal holidays

Google trends

Day to day experiences

Adobe spark for inspiration from a picture.

A picture is worth a thousand words.


Keys to blogging success

Be consistent

Sell yourself on social media

Patience: blogging is unpredictable and takes a while

Target your audience in your niche

Improve yourself by learning from other bloggers

Generate ideas from keyword generators like Keywords Everywhere

Write down random ideas that hit you at 2am when your little one won’t sleep.

Plan your next blog post now.

Add beautiful graphics to your blog post

Pay attention to detail.

Be unique, be yourself, be relatable.

Create irresistible titles.

I must also add that you should learn SEO for your blog in order to rank higher in google and attract organic viewers to your blog. Basic SEO you should consider is

Your title should contain your focus keyword.

Your focus keyword should be mentioned a few times in your post.

Your meta description should be a short, relevant and descriptive summary of your whole post.

Add images to your post. And make your images pinnable by using a social media plugin.

Your images should contain an alt text as google doesn’t really read images.

Your post should be more than 300 words.  

Add backlinks to your blog through guest posting.  

Your posts should be original.

Add not less than 4 headings to your post.

Freebies are what will attract readers to your website.

Freebies are also a way to build your email list. You may find out about freebies to offer on your blog here:


Find one platform on social media whether its Pinterest or Instagram or twitter that you will concentrate on, learn and become an expert in. By the way follow me on and

Here is a wrap up of my top blogging tips:

Thats it for the ultimate beginners guide to blogging.

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Cheers MrsChettyLife.

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