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Triple Orange

Who is Triple Orange?

Lots of recipes call for orange peels in your cleaning products. Triple Orange have gone the extra mile by extracting this orange oil and making great products for your use.

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that this mama loves anything that is eco-friendly for the home. Triple Orange provide authentic, safe, environmentally responsible products for a healthy home made from Orange Oil which is extracted from the peels of oranges.

Triple Orange products are antibacterial because orange peels inhibit the production of E. coli bacteria. E. coli bacteria is good bacteria. The Power of Oranges in your hands.

This post is in collaboration with Triple Orange.

Soap Making Workshop:

Triple Orange host natural hand-made soap making workshops. Request here by filling in the booking form:

Product Range:

*Wonder Gel- All Purpose Cleaner

*Dish Washing Gel

*Leather Protect

*Bio Sanitiser

*Wonder Spray

*Laundry Cream

*Fruit & Veg Wash

Products Received and comments while using them.  

Triple Orange Wonder Gel:

triple orange

I used the Wonder Gel on the shower floor. It cleaned out mold in the shower on the first application. There was a big noticeable difference in cleanliness.

My husband works with grease sometimes. He used the gel on his greasy hands and his hands were clean. That’s a plus for me.

I also used it to clean the toilet and tiled floors. They were cleaned and sparkly shined. But the house did not have a clean smell. I learnt that just because something doesn’t leave that clean smell, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t clean.

As well as:

Worked well on dishes. Since it is a great degreaser, I didn’t need to scrub hard. We have curries in our household a lot and it’s always a struggle to get those pots and dishes clean. Turmeric in the food stains the pots and dishes. The wonder gel made washing dishes a breeze.  

I spread a little (probably a teaspoon) on windows and mirrors with a microfiber cloth. Let it dry. Using a clean cloth, I wiped the window and voila! Clean beautiful mirrors and windows with no streaks. Note that it cleaned the windows without vinegar, like the DIY that needs vinegar and orange peels.

Triple Orange Bio-Det Laundry Cream:

I love the smell of the laundry gel. It smells deliciously of oranges throughout the wash. It worked well on clothes, they came out nice and clean.

Long lasting as a tablespoon or two washed of the laundry cream washed a whole load of laundry.

I tried the laundry cream without adding fabric conditioner, the clothes were soft and without static. It is safe to use in septic tanks and animal friendly. Running a cold-water wash in my washing machine.

I went ahead and purchased their Wonder Spray.
triple orange wonder spray

This spray has not disappointed me. It is an all surface cleaning spray. I used it on my walls, tables and kitchen surfaces. You can see the orange peels floating in the water. And smells like oranges.

In conclusion:

I am so excited with the products from Triple Orange. They are efficient and work strongly without drying out my hands and gentle on the environment. The orange smell is a big benefit.

Catch them on the website: As an added bonus; Triple Orange products are not tested on animals.

You may find their products via stockists:

Read about E. coli bacteria here:

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