Top salty household hacks


Top salty hacks: Apart from adding flavour to your food. Did you know that salt is actually more useful than most people think. Here is a list of things you can do with salt in the house.

Beauty Hacks

An exfoliation Massage
As a Natural Dandruff Scalp Treatment
Lip Plumper and Scrub
Natural Mouthwash 
Balancing Oil Production Facial Mask / Toner
Rejuvenating Scrub
Relaxing Salt Bath
Teeth Whitener
Nail Brightening Treatment

Top Salty hacks as a Cleaning substance

Clean Refrigerators. 
Remove Food Odours from your hands
Dissolve a drain blockage with baking soda, vinegar and boiling hot water
Salt can prohibit the growth of mould, bacteria and yeast
Extend the use of your disposable toothbrush
Cleans fish tanks
Removes lipstick marks from glassware
Extends Broom life and sanitize it
Coffee and Tea Stain Remover in cups and coffee maker
Grease Remover (oven cleaner)
Red Wine Carpet Stain Remover
Clean flower residue from vases
Adding salt and sugar helps increase freshness of cut natural flowers
Cleans and deodorizers food spills
Removes blood stains
Sanitize sponges
Removes Stains From Enamel, copper, porcelain Pots And Pans
Removes soot from chimneys
Remove Odors From Wood Cutting Boards
Soak Up A spilled Egg
Clean Cast-Iron skillet And Grill Pans

Whitening your clothing

Get rid of stubborn sweat stains
Prevent your new towels from fading in the wash
Deodorize your trainers and other shoes
Keep clothes from freezing on the line during winter

Top Salty Cooking Hacks

Food preservation 
Extend the life of your cheese
Cook poached and hard-boiled eggs easily
Whip egg whites and double cream quicker
Boil a better potato
Keep milk fresh for longer
Keep your salad nice and crisp.
Gives flavor to your food.
Prevents fish from sticking to the pan when frying, by adding it to the heated oil before


Fruit Browning Prevention
Green Leaves (veggies) Cleaner
Gaggling warm salt water eases sore throats 
Cleans teeth (mix with baking soda)  
Ease mouth problems: For cankers, abscesses and other mouth sores
A natural alternative to mouthwash
Poison Ivy Reliever
Bee Sting and mosquito Reliever
Ant Repellant
Get rid of snails and slugs
Keep your car windscreen frost-free in the Winter
Keep artificial and natural flowers in place as deco
extinguish grease fires
Make play dough
Repair walls
Get rid of patio weeds
De-ice sidewalks and driveways. 
Shell Nuts Easily
Prevent candles from dripping
Test Egg Freshness
Furniture Hacks
Keeps wicker furniture looking new
Watermark Remover on wooden furniture

Top salty household hacks

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