Top Lessons motherhood taught me!

Top motherhood lessonsTop Lessons motherhood taught me!

Becoming a mother has changed me in many ways. I have learned to cook and eat healthy for my son. Because I am breastfeeding I get drained easily. I carry around lots of water and juice to keep myself from dehydrating. I hated drinking water. But now I cry for it. These are my top lessons I’v learned from motherhood.

Motherhood has taught me how love is selfless.

I never knew how much more I could love till my baby was born. It requires me to forget about sleep, play and lots of other things for m noy baby.

Motherhood has taught me to put someone else’s needs before mine. Before he was born it was all about me. But after he was born I go in a shop and I look at what I can get him rather than myself. It’s really hard to buy for myself. #MomGuilt is real.

Motherhood has shed more light to show much my mother cares and loves me.

It has changed the outlook on how I view her. Especially when it comes to think of all the sleepless nights she has when pregnant, with a newborn and lots more to come.

Motherhood has taught me that I am stronger than I think I am. It has given me a sudden reflex I never knew I had when my baby needs me.

Motherhood has taught me that I am worth something and very important. I am not just here. I am very useful, talented and worth happiness.

Motherhood has taught me pure joy and pure love.


I can be having a rough morning, just seeing the smile on my son’s face melts all the stress away. It gives me the strength for the day and a reason to wake up in the morning.

Motherhood has made me mature and I care less about small things that once frustrated me. It has given me strength and wisdom.

Above all else motherhood has given me a smile. A reason to keep get up each morning and live. No matter how rough it gets my son looks up to me.
And I know I can do it because of him. It has also showed me I am worth so much more. My son simply loves me. He doesn’t judge me, even with all my flaws.


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January 14, 2019 at 8:59 pm

Great post. I guess there really is nothing quite like a mother’s love.

January 17, 2019 at 9:24 pm

Awe! Motherhood definitely changes your perspective on life. The more years I am in, the more I learn about myself. Love the takeaways.

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