Top Blogging Apps

Apps I use for blogging:

The following apps help me with my day to day blogging tasks. Most of these apps you may download from your phone store, others you may use online.

Apps I use for blog post writing:


Facebook Notes


LinkedIn Publishing


Journal 24×7


Physical journal

be proud

Apps for editing and creating Images:

Adobe Spark Post

Has free and paid stock images and templates you can remix to fit your brand. I add wording to the images as well. I love Adobe Spark. Images are organized according to category. I also search by verb.


I use Canva to edit images. I edit stock images, add my brand and create a new image. It gives many options of templates that you can use. I create / edit infographics, social media templates, freebies, logos and blog images using Canva. Many bloggers also offer freebies from Canva. There is all whole range of images and various free and paid templates you can use on Canva. This is my go-to image creation app,

Word Cloud

Mixes my keywords and highlights them into a neat way. Tags are usually single words. The importance of each tag is shown with font size or color. I can make a word cloud and change the shape, add words, change color, font download and share onto sites with this app.


My go-to app for creating beautiful and unique Instagram stories by remixing templates and pictures. I like this app because the templates are girly and minimalist.

Adobe Lightroom

It allows saving, organizing, capturing, editing and sharing large numbers of images.

Adobe Photoshop

I use photoshop to edit my pictures. It has a wide selection of editing tools.

Highlight Cover Maker

This app makes covers for Instagram Story. I like the uniqueness of this app. I can add stickers, text and color to it. The covers are premade to fit in Instagram story.

Google Slides

I use google slides to create and edit cool slides, freebies and videos as well.


I usually use Word to write and edit my blog posts. I write my first draft in word. I have many unfinished drafts in word just waiting for the right time to emerge. I also use word for basic spellcheck before copy and pasting into WordPress. I also use Word to create freebies.

Video creation and editing apps I use:

Adobe Premiere Clip

I love this video creation, customization and editing app. It is easy to use. I can edit each picture in the video, add audio, edit the length of the video and lots of other features.


Apps I use for scheduling content:


A simple and easy-to-use scheduling app for Instagram.

Facebook Creator for Facebook pages

Lets creators and publishers manage posts, videos, insights and messages from all your Facebook pages into one place.

Facebook Pages Manager

A scheduling app for Facebook pages. It is good if you have many Facebook pages.

Apps for inspiration and daily writing:


My gratitude journal helps me to be positive every day. I write down something I am grateful for that day. Sometimes a change in perspective can lighten the mood.

Journal 24×7 and Journaly

I use my handy journals for all sorts of things. They keep me organized. I write blog post titles for later use. I write about my day.

Apps for delivering freebies:

Dropbox and OneDrive

Are both a secure file sharing, syncing and collaboration app. I share online downloads or by link.

Apps I share my blog posts on:


I use Facebook to create ads, share content and interact with users. I share quotes, tips and links to my blog posts. I share posts onto both Facebook and Instagram at once. I also create Facebook groups for users to interact on. I create events around my blog. I also advertise anything in the market place on Facebook. I can also publish blog posts on Facebook notes. There are lots of uses of Facebook for my blog.


Bloglovin’ has a neat way of automatically syncing blog posts onto Bloglovin. All you have to do is claim your blog and voila your blog posts are on Bloglovin’. It is a blogsite site on its own but can drive traffic to your blog. Bloglovin‘ is a platform that allows users to read, organize and discover their favorite blogs as well as add their own. I use Bloglovin’ for inspiration as well.


I use Pinterest to find content for my blog, I save pins in a secret board for me to check out and try later. I also use Pinterest to grow my audience. Pinterest adds a link to my blog which in turn increases my website traffic.

I use this plugin in called Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Button on my blog. It adds a pin it button to all the images on my blog. This makes my pictures pinnable and easily sharable on Pinterest. Pinterest is a good platform for bloggers who express themselves better through infographics. I verified my blog on Pinterest and signed up for a business account which allows for analytics to see how each pin is performing.


I love Instagram as it is easy to use. It is more visually stimulating. I enjoy posting motivational quotes and use this platform to promote my blog posts through pictures and videos. It allows me to use hashtags that are more like search words, when someone searches that tag, it brings up all the posts that have that hashtag.

I can also run ads on Facebook and Instagram at the same time which makes my work much easier. I signed up for an Instagram business account which allows for analytics, a contact button and more. I write a good caption for my post. Summarize what will people learn when they will read my blog post and I add some relevant hashtags to my Instagram post.


Allows me to have a company page linked to my personal page. It is more for businesses targeting businesses. I share my blog posts onto LinkedIn to target professionals who will be willing to buy my product when I begin to monetize my blog. I feel LinkedIn makes me look professional. People searching on LinkedIn may find my articles relevant to them. LinkedIn also allows for me to connect with other users through email addresses found in my contacts. You can allow LinkedIn to access your contacts or not. I also publish a whole article as a blog post on LinkedIn

Other apps and tools:

My camera

I use my camera for taking pictures for my blog, Instagram, Facebook and Gurushots.


Other blogs

I use other blogs for inspiration. I see what they are doing and what posts they write about and I do something similar or off-hand.


I use Gurushots for inspiration from pictures. It also inspires me to take pictures of my own as there are different challenges I can enter.

My phone

I write down blog post idea when I am on the go on my phone. I use the journals on my phone. I also take pictures for my blog when my camera is not on hand.

In conclusion, these apps make my blogging experience much easier.

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March 13, 2019 at 2:59 pm

Great list! Will definitely look into the ones I don’t currently use!

March 13, 2019 at 4:09 pm

I’m definitely going to check out the journal apps! I just use “notes” and have such a hard time keeping thoughts and post ideas organized.

March 14, 2019 at 2:50 pm

Fantastic list! I use a lot of the same for my blog posts!

March 14, 2019 at 8:31 pm

Thanks for this list of apps now i need these apps

March 15, 2019 at 3:09 am

I use most of these too but when you list them out it sounds like a lot! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

March 15, 2019 at 6:29 am

Love all the resources! Thanks for sharing!

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