Top Music videos

Top Music videos

This is my Top Twenty Music Videos

I’m listening to right now.

Top music videos: Ave Maria – Beyonce

This song I have dedicated to my son, Nathaniel. Mom Loves you.

Show Me Your Money – B1

Don’t lead me on – T Bwoy ft T Sean –

This song talks about a guy who loves a girl but she is leading him on. She friend-zones him but still calls on him when she needs it. He sings don’t play with a heart that you don’t love.

Mirrors – Justin Timberlake 

I love the part when Justin sings that you’re my reflection, all I see is you. I feel this is a wonderful way to express his love for his girl.

be proud

Great Escape – Jasmine Thompson

Sometimes when I just feel overwhelmed, this song sings to me as there is hope for a getaway and just relax. This song reminds me to pause and take a break to see the beauty in the moment.

Dark Times The Weeknd ft Ed Sheeran 

This song hits home. I have had many men lie to me and claim the dark times. In my present relationship it proves to me that real love exists. And some people will lie to you until you meet the one for you.

Back To What You Know – Ne-yo

Top music videos: I’m a mess – Bebe Rexha

Because of You – Ne-yo

BeFoUr – Zayn

This is an anthem, when haters wanna bring you down, I will survive. And whatever they say wont phase me.

Consideration – Rihanna

Blue Ocean Floor – Justin Timberlake:

Earned It – The Weeknd

A deep love song i enjoy, the lyrics, the beat, The Weeknd just sung this very well.

Top Music videos

Fool For You – Zayn

Zayn shares another heartfelt love song saying he is a fool for his girl. He is madly in love with her. And some people say love makes you do stupid things. He would do it all over again.

Need You Now – Lady Antebellum

Cry Me A River – Justin Timberlake

This song talks best about the saying what goes around comes around. Its her turn to cry.

cry me

Formation – Beyonce

Call Out My Name – The Weeknd

Jealous – Labrinth

Another song of regrets, He expected his girl to crush and burn after the breakup. Surprisingly she did well.

Too Good at Goodbyes

This song talks about being good at goodbyes, its an I don’t care trend that helps sometimes.

In conclusion, I just rounded up a list of good songs for you to listen to in your spare time. Write below in the comments some good classics that you enjoy listening to. I need to update my list.

Top music videos. More from MrsChettyLife:

Cheers, happy mothering, MrsChettyLife.

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