The truth about momming

The truth about momming

What momming is all about

Hey mom, tired and worn out but still staying awake till 11 o’clock just to get some me-time, I see you. I am one of them right now. Its 10:22pm right now, I’m sniffing, my head is spinning, my eyes are barely open, but I had to write this down for my sanity. It’s the only time I have. My hair is a mess too.

tired mom

Being alone in the bathroom is an absolute no-no. When I close the bathroom door, I commit a crime. Nathaniel my son, immediately comes banging on the door. He gives me this certain look when I open the door. I cannot take a shower and use the bathroom alone anymore. He sometimes wants to breastfeed when I am busy in the bathroom.

There is no sick-day. As a mommy you can’t take off sick. There’s always too much momming to do. Here I am nursing a flu and a mad headache, but my son needs me. He has flu and cough. That makes him a bit clingy. So sick day for mom moves to the side.

You are a feeding machine as a mom. There are days when he is not well and constantly wants to breastfeed for comfort. This makes me literally sore sometimes.

Momming does not have lazy days. There’s no sleep-ins days for me. Even when I sleep past 11 at night, we wake up at 9am everyday for a new day. When I try to sleep in, he gets bored and starts to cry.

Momming means you get random hugs. And always be ready to be touched.

random hugs

Momming means other people will judge you. Iv had many people tell me to

  • put a hat on my son
  • carry an umbrella it’s too hot
  • don’t let him do that
  • You are doing this and that wrongly
  • Worse off if he cries in public, I look like a bad parent

That one day you didn’t carry extra clothes for him, is the day he will have a blow over and you got nothing to change him.

I have also had people ask me if I am his nanny. Because my son is a mixed race, but he looks more Indian. I get stares everywhere I go when I am with him. And unsolicited advice from people who think they know better. One Indian aunty told me I was carrying my son the wrong way.

Being a mother means you think out of the box. You come up with the strangest things just to keep your little one going and surprisingly it works.

Momming means you are a maid, always cleaning up after them.

Momming means all the gross little things are not gross anymore like poop, throw up and pee. You constantly must deal with these things.

baby and mom

Momming means you can a sudden reflex that you never had. This reflex kicks in when your baby is at the brink of falling or making a mistake and mom is there to catch him. I was a very bad sleeper. I would move to the side of the bed and sleep in any position and a deep sleeper before I became a mom. I was afraid to squash my baby or not hear my baby when I sleep. All that went down the drain. I now sleep as light as a feather and can hear everything concerning my child.

Momming means you forget silly things except anything concerning your child. Pregnancy and Mom brain are real.

Momming means you gain a wisdom called mommy instinct that helps you take care of your child. Moms know best. You will be able to foretell the future, lol.

Momming gives you the strength to go forward even on very little energy.

Motherhood means you become an extra superhero when there is an emergency concerning your child. I remember my mom speeding to the doctor, with my little brother on her lap, almost unconscious, because he had fits from a high temperature. Up to this day I have no idea how we arrived at the hospital safely.

You pick up lots of new skills that you never thought you would have as a mom. I hated cooking. I now enjoy it as a mother. I have also picked up photography, I began my blog when I became a mother. I quit my job and became a SAHM.

You automatically put your child needs first as a mother.

There’s no such a thing as being tired as a mother. Your child simply won’t understand that part. You are a hardworking machine.

Once a mother always a mother. You understand and feel for other moms when you see them struggling in public.

It’s hard to go shopping alone. Yet alone buy something for you as a mother. Mom guilt is real.

You have a heart for only your kids. Many women mature when they become a mother.

You are constantly second guessing yourself as a mother to see if you are doing the right thing. Most times I feel incompetent. But many people have told me I am doing a good job. My mother has pointed out to me many times that motherhood looks good on me. I guess if Nathaniel is growing well and still alive that’s a good thing.

In conclusion and most of all motherhood is life changing, challenging, single most wonderful thing in the world. No one really understands what motherhood entails till they become one. How much love I feel for my son foregoes every woe of being a mother. Plus being a mother is a blessing. I am grateful for it.

Cheers to motherhood! Let’s drink to that.

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24 thoughts on “The truth about momming”

  1. I can’t even tell you the feelings I had reading this. Sympathy, self-pity, gut-check, pride, laughter, and love. You reminded me of the hard parts and the priceless parts all at once. I never expected to get teary-eyed, but you hit the nail on the head. This momming gig is the hardest, sweetest, most brutal, most wonderful, and best job ever. Thanks for being so vulnerable and honest. And I hope you both get well super fast!!!

  2. Yep being a mom is hard, more than I thought or imagined. I knew it would be hard, but not in all the weird ways that kids do. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I get it that being a mom is difficult but with those uncountable hugs and smiles. It’s a blessing and besides, don’t mind people always telling what to do. The world will always be like that, some people carry garbage in their eyes yet they are busy pointing at another. Just choose what you think is correct or wrong.

  4. Every part of this is so true! I at times feel guilty about wishing I could just stay up late and sleep in the next day, but then my sons little face reminds me how lucky I am to be a mom! And I have the same thought about my son because he’s mixed race! Noone has said anything to me but I can feel the looks!

  5. This was definitely spot on! Being a mom is a magical and unnerving thing to be all at the same time. Being a superhero and a worry wort. Being both a sap and your child’s strength. There are just so many layers to us as mothers that like you said, we often forget ourselves. I’m banking on the entire thing being worth it when it’s all said and done!

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