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Introducing The Refillery, an eco-friendly grocery store. A chat with Samantha Moleta, the founder of The Refillery.

What is The Refillery?

the refillery

“The Refillery’ is an exciting new planet-friendly grocer supplying single-use plastic-free, responsibly sourced, refillable, everyday products for package-less pantries and households. It is a plastic-free, zero waste, weigh and pay retail shop.”

What is Zero waste shopping?

The idea behind ‘Zero-Waste’ shopping is to buy what you need with minimal to ZERO waste at all. There as using reusables, returnable, refillables wherever possible. Some examples of this are reusable produce bags to buy your loose produce in, composting your peels etc.

Refilling your containers with cleaning products as to not acquire more bottles and containers. using up what you have till its last legs basically. Buying nude beauty products like shampoo and conditioner bars.

What do we need to bring for Zero Waste Shopping (zero waste kit)?

the refillery

The idea is to have items that you can reuse for as long as possible, reusable water bottles, mugs that are reusable, produce bags [not made from synthetic fibers, but rather organic fibers that will biodegrade harm free], jars and containers to refill, shopping bags, straws, beeswax wraps in replace of plastic wrap, bread bags and the list is growing more and more as the trend is taking off.

People do not need to buy all these items but use what they have, make them, reuse something that may not be of use for its original purpose anymore but can be used elsewhere.

Imagination is best here, and we get to see some amazing reuses at The Refillery. My favorite is definitely a Pringle chips box that they were using to refill pasta 🙂

What produce is sold at The Refillery?

herbs and spices

We sell everything from grains, beans & pulses, cereals, herbs & spices, pasta, sweets and snacks, baking aids, dried fruits and nuts, flour, seeds and super foods, tea & Coffee, cleaning products and toiletries that are refillable, Zero-waste lifestyle products such as the cups, wraps, produce bags etc. We also sell oil, raw honey, tahini, sauces and are constantly adding what our customers need.

What to expect upon entry in the shop?

Currently during lockdown we have strict access controls and are only allowing 6 people in store, sanitizing your hands on arrival, during your shop and on departure and wiping down your own containers too [Strange times, but we believe taking all the measures possible will help see us through these times.]

Generally you are able to bring in your own containers or jars, weigh them at the weigh stations, fill with whatever you’re after, and however much as well and then we will tare the jar weight from the final weight – simple.

the refillery

You are also able to buy glass containers in store to start your own plastic free pantry as well as complimentary recycled brown paper bags that you cayuse to scoop as little or as much as you are after. Weigh and pay!

We have dispensing bins labelled with all the product information, ingredients, nutritional values, and allergens such as vegan friendly, gluten free, kosher, etc.

What vision and goals do you have for The Refillery?

We have just opened our second store in Morningside Shopping center and hope to open a few more this year as well as expand to C.T, KZN and PTA as well. We are also looking into franchising the brand as well to reach more outlying areas and growing the movement and brand.

How does weigh and pay work?


As simple as it says, you pay only for what your item weighs. Less its container. If you bring in your own container, we will weigh it, write the weights underneath in order to tare it at the end when we weigh the item for payment.

You are able to then take as little [one bay leaf for that recipe your trying out] or a few kilos of flour for your busy baking weekend. In essence, we encourage you to buy ONLY what you actually need and consume.

Where is your Location?

We have two physical stores – Cedar Square Shopping center as well as Morningside Shopping as well as our online website that we deliver country wide as well.

What are the benefits of Zero Waste Shopping?
zero waste

Less plastic waste and general waste on the environment.

Buying what you NEED saves you money overall as you are not left with money sitting in your pantry getting old but rather using up what you need every time.

The ripple effects on the environment are endless, it really is the way we need to start thinking more.

What does Plastic free shopping entail? 

green store

Single Use Plastic Free shopping involves no single use packaging, no single use plastic that will need to be thrown away [and is not able to ever be recycled either], plastic free is a movement away from single use and moving to reusables and refilling.

Do you support any causes, charities as The Refillery?

Currently we support an Orphanage in Wendywood with a monthly supply of staples. We also support the Spruit River Clean up on their clean up days of rubbish along the river and surrounds.

Do you have any additional comments?

The best quote we believe everyone can relate to is

“We don’t need a handful of people doing Zero-waste perfectly but rather a million people doing it imperfectly.”


Every little bit counts.


In conclusion: The Refillery is your go-to plastic free, planet-friendly, weigh and pay grocery shop. Place an order now. Find The Refillery at On Instagram and on Facebook Photo credit: Callum Hilton.

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