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The meaning of Natasha

My name is Natasha.

It is a Zambian name. Pronounced at Naaa-tasha. It means thank you. I believe I was given this name to as my parents are grateful.

My name is also a Russian name.

According to my Google searches different sources say it is a Salvic name from Natalia and is traditionally given to girls born in December. Though I was born in February.

People shorten my name as Tash, Tashi, Nat, Natty, Asha, Tasha, Tintintolo, Tinasha.

According to the urban dictionary Natasha isn’t average.

Natasha thinks differently from others, she’s deeper, wiser, different. Natasha’s struggle with confidence but the entire world around her can see clearly that she is extremely intelligent, beautiful and kind. She carries weight in her eyes though Natasha has made it through it all, more than most know. But that’s what makes her strong.

There goes Natasha, she’s definitely my favorite person

By AustraliaNight, December 03, 2017.

Tell me about your names.

Relaxation Techniques I use.

What do I do to unwind?

Of course I love getting my hair and nails done. I love rooibos tea as I am not a coffee person. I like shopping too or just taking a walk in the shopping mall.

I like any type of juice depending on my mood (recently it’s cranberry or pomegranate juice).

Roses bring a smile to my face. Usually after such a day I love to take a salt and essential oil bath. That just relaxes me.

I love to take a walk outside or in a park and just feel the breeze. Watch a comedy, action or romantic movie. Read a book or WordPress blogs. I love to write to de-stress. Writing is my therapy.

The smile on my son’s face makes my day and everything worth it. I love massages. Being held and snuggling with my husband calms me down.

Music is my therapy.

It just soothes me, keeps me company and keeps me occupied. I put headsets on and shut the world out around me. I love to play on loud base through the home theater system at home.

I’m liking YouTube a lot. If something is stressing me I look for videos that are in that line with a similar solution. Facebook groups are a big help too. There’s always someone going through the same thing and that is comforting.

Sometimes calling a good friend of mine, Clarissa, just to vent helps ease me. A problem shared is a problem solved. Other times deep cleaning the house all helps removing the knots. I watch YouTube clean with me videos to set the mood.

Finally, Pre-baby I loved going out for movies once in a while. I love to buy buttered popcorn, astros or smarties and a blue slush puppy.

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