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The gift of giving.

The gift of giving.

The true meaning of giving.

The year 2018 has gone by so quickly.

What were your achievements? What did you learn? Has it been quite rough for you?Who did you meet? What adventures did you create? What recipes did you try? Did you receive some new clothes? Did you develop a new hobby?

So much happened for me this year. Beginning with our marital registration, reception ceremony, the birth of our son, Nathaniel, moving in with my husband, starting our own company (that included getting our website up and social media accounts by myself) and becoming a SAHM. I have definitely grown and matured. We also joined a new church.

I began my blog on WordPress: I bought my domain

Then I switched to

My story on why I switched hosts is here: south-african-web-hosting

And continued my blogging journey.

I learnt a little on SEO. I learnt to be strong. I learnt that motherly instinct is real. I learnt to take care of my husband and myself too. I sharpened my cooking skills. I went through the ups and downs of being a SAHM. I’m still learning how to budget. I grew closer to my mother and I understand her better. I also joined and connected with other moms on Facebook groups.

What a year it has been for me. I want to share on the gift of giving today. One thing my husband has taught me is giving. He is a very giving person. Be it in love, gifts, money, water, food etc. He is ever so willing to give. We have gone so many places and where he sees need he gives.

He was explaining to me the other day how a lady and her child where trying to buy something to eat. Her baby kept crying for things and she didn’t have the money to get them for him. She was literally counting coins to make enough for some bread. My husband stepped in and bought what the baby wanted plus her dinner.

My husband also loves to buy me random gifts, jewelry, flowers, clothes, when he sees it and he feels it will look good on me he buys it. We went to the mall to get some diapers for my son the other day.

My husband saw this lovely feeding table and put baby in it. The joy on my son’s face was unmistakable. He screamed and smiled and played in it. When we took him out his face fell. My husband ended buying this feeding table for Nathaniel.

We meet strangers asking for help and he always steps in.

There have been many stranded people with flat tires on the road and he stops to give them a toll a help push the car. Of course we are safe and help in safe areas.

It makes me sad that some people use giving as a way to cause harm on you or rob you. Lawrence, my husband has been held at gun point when he was trying to help a seemingly stranded person. We also get rude comments and or swears when we don’t have to give and we meet this beggar in the street.

This tells you that today’s day and age has changed and forgotten the true meaning of giving. Nowadays people feel entitled to receive something that is not their’s. We have people who rob you because they feel what you have worked hard for, is rightfully their own.

Others give because they want you to give them something in return. They see something they want from you, give you something so you can give them that thing.

Once we were walking in town, mom had on a gold chain. A man approached her and told her to sell it to him. Mom said no. This man told her that if she didn’t give it to them, they will take it from her.

He began to signal to his other friends that mom had a chain. We rushed quickly into a shop and hid the chain. We waited for a few minutes. Walked out of the shop in the other direction.

Giving is common this festive season.

Giving does not only and always include a gift. Give to a stranger in need. Help someone out. Give in form of time.

the gift of giving

Spend time with your children. Invite that coworker who has no family to your family dinner. Help out at a shelter. Give love.

Give a listening ear to that mom who is struggling. Call in anonymously for an alcoholic neighbor who constantly hits his wife. Share your small or old clothes, even those that you don’t wear.

Pay for someone’s groceries or parking ticket. Hold the door open for someone in a wheelchair. Giving starts small with your family. Give yourself a break and cut yourself some slack.

Know of someone who is constantly picked on? Give that person a compliment. Pray for someone in need. Laugh with a stranger. Give in your blog post. Share on social media. Volunteer in an old age home. Give a hug to a weeping friend. Give to animals. Donate to a church. Help looking for keys someone lost.

Peter and John had nothing to give but said a prayer of healing to this lame man.

And he was healed. He was walking and leaping and praising God. That was a better gift to give. Give a good rating to that cashier who jumped the queue for you because she saw you struggling with your baby.

Share a complimentary handshake and word of good faith to the manager of that waiter who was patient with you while your toddler screamed. Say thank you to any small gesture.

Giving is an act of sharing whole heartedly without expecting anything back. MrsChettyLife

We have never gone a day hungry. Provision always comes through even at the 11th hour. If you are faithful with something small, more will be given to you.

In conclusion, don’t forget the value in giving. When you give don’t expect anything back. If you give you make room to receive a hundred fold. It’s more blessed to give than to receive.

Happy giving,

Cheers MrsChettyLife

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