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Teaching yourself positive affirmations.

Teaching yourself positive affirmation.

Growing up I had teachers, friends, parents, family praising me whenever I did something right. Sometimes we let it go to our heads and we put our identity in these words. When we grow older there is no one to praise us and we begin to look for ways to please people. This includes joining the wrong clan. Here are ways on teaching yourself positive affirmations.

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Believing in yourself is what matters. Pleasing people wears old and people disappoint you, move away, or move forward without you. If you found your identity in them this all falls apart. But you will have yourself to please.

I lost my identity after my parents divorced. My identity was in them and I felt lost when they divorced. It took a long time to build and rediscover myself. I am still doing that. But at least I have an idea that identity is in myself and who I am.

Believe in yourself, no one else will if you don’t.

Life will throw all sorts of twists turns at you. If you don’t know who you are you will go with the flow and become someone you are not meant to be. This will throw in bad decisions and meet the wrong people on the way. It will cause a lot of heartache.

If you know who you are, you are less likely to take the wrong turns. We learn something about ourselves every day.

Be flexible to rediscover you will learn lots of things about yourself that you didn’t expect. You grow, change and so does who you are. I used to be obsessed with the color pink. If you ask me now not so much. I prefer black and royal blue. Our experiences also change who we are.

They expose our strengths or weaknesses. The birth of my son helped and teaches me things about myself everyday. That I am stronger than I think I am. I also discovered cooking, as well as currently running 4 Facebook pages. I built 3 websites. And wrote our portfolio. What will you do about the things you learnt from your experiences?

experience is the best teacher

Work on the workable weaknesses. Build on your strengths. Accept the unworkable weaknesses.

Ways to discover who you are.

  •  trying new things: go bowling, bungee jumping, park run or try knitting.
  • by accepting yourself, both your flaws and strengths.
  •  moving out of your babble and taking the risk. Some risks are worth taking.
  • by using your negative experiences to build other people and yourself.
  •  looking at the positive.
  • start a business.
  • joining support groups.
  • by speaking out
  •  letting go, forgiving and moving on.
  • by avoiding compromising situations
  •  giving
  • by building new memories
  • seeking help from professionals, medically or physically.
  • by moving out of the place that broke you
  • cutting ties with the people who broke you
  • not putting unnecessary pressure on your children

Speak positive statements about yourself daily. Believe in yourself.


In conclusion, finding yourself does not mean putting other people below you. Each person is unique and special in their own ways. Teach and practise everyday on self positive affirmations. Dear mom, invest in you to become better in all you do.

Cheers Happy Holidays


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