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Realistic New year resolutions for the SAHM.

Realistic New year resolutions for the SAHM


It’s almost 2019. Happy almost New Year!

We all go through this phase of wanting something new and putting up these ridiculous expectations that we should meet. Half way through the year we are disappointed that yet another year is going by but the same thing is happening and your new year resolutions are still incomplete. Here are simple, realistic and achievable new year resolutions.

New year resolutions

  1. Smile often.

  2. Get some help.
  3. Cook at least one meal per day.
  4. Open a savings account. Put in a R20 or R50 every month and save for a rainy day.
  5. Start a work from home business from your skills.
  6. Make time for yourself.
  7. Try a new hobby.
  8. Make time for your significant other.
  9. Blog more often.
  10. Eat healthy, drink plenty water.
  11. Live in the present, embrace and enjoy every moment.
  12. Cry it out when you have those rough days and you just cant handle it.
  13. Make mom friends with your parenting style.
  14. Budget. Budget. Budget.

  15. Learn something new.
  16. Be a bit more patient.
  17. Go on a me-holiday.
  18. Spoil yourself once in a while. DIY pampering really helps when I feel overwhelmed.
  19. Discover something new about yourself.
  20. Close your ears to unsolicited advice.
  21. Make a habit of self positive affirmations.
  22. Dont spend lots of time with that negative person who always puts you down.
  23. Cut yourself some slack.
  24. Save and buy for yourself the one thing you have always wanted.
  25. Show yourself, your children and your significant other a little more love.
  26. Revamp your house if you have the funding.
  27. Develop a DIY mentality and get things done.
  28. Learn to drive. I am ashamed to say that at 24 years old, this is definitely on my list.

  29. Try before you say you can’t. If you fail big ups to you for trying.
  30. Enjoy some relaxing music.


Lastly and most importantly, your new year resolution should be that its time for a fresh start. Let go of the failures and mistakes of last year. Move forward with a skip in your step and a smile on your face. You got this, mom. You are doing good.


Happy New Year


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