stages of walking

Stages of walking

Stages of walking

A baby begins walking anytime between 9 months and 16 months. Some take longer than that.

Tummy time

Walking begins with tummy time as it strengthens the ligaments in the neck for head coordination, arms for upper strength which assist in crawling and sitting up. My baby hated tummy time, by the way. But I kept trying and if he refused to, I did not force him. In his own time, he got the hang of it.

Next phase is Rolling over:

Your baby will be able to roll themselves over while awake. My baby first rolled over when he was crying. He was mad at me and began crying then he rolled over. I don’t think he realized it. Lol. ?

Sitting up on their own:

Your baby then learns to sit up on his/ her own. I remember the first time my son did, He was so proud of himself. And I had the camera handy.

Sitting up

The next phase is Crawling:

There are several types of crawling. Some of these are:

  • The commando crawling drags his or her belly across the floor
  • The cross crawling: arms and knees
  • The bear crawling: hands and feet, my son crawled this way. His knees never touched the ground. He only cross crawled when he was rushing to get something.
  • The crab crawling: pushing reverse or sideways
  • The bottom scoot: Drag the bum across the room
  • The rolling crawling: rolling down


Pulling her/himself up to stand:

The next phase a baby holds onto something can either be the couch or table or your leg and pulls him/herself up to stand.


A baby then does actual standing without support. I loved watching my son struggle to stand. He would stand halfway through, fall over but keep trying. He also spread out his hands for balance, ready to grab onto something in case he lost balance.



A baby then goes through cruising which is cheat walking. This means walking while holding onto something. His or feet barely touch the floor or can be on tippy toes.


A baby then goes to the walking phase. This is actual walking without holding onto anything. My son still uses his hands for support. When he realized he could walk he threw away crawling. He didn’t like to crawl.


The walking stage strengthens his / her legs. This helps in squatting because all the concentration is in the leg muscles. My son squats every morning to make a poo. I find it quite cute when he squats.

Climbing stairs:

Climbing up the stairs is more like crawling but needs the strength from walking and squatting. I was amazed the first time my son crawled up the stairs. We were visiting at my dads place and there was a couple of stairs. We do not have stairs at home. When Nathaniel saw the stairs, he immediately started climbing up so quickly as though someone was chasing him. When he reached the fourth step, he looked back, screamed and clapped for himself. He was so proud of this achievement and did not want to leave. He tried going down the stairs but that was too difficult. He still loves the stairs.


When your baby is learning to walk, she or he will fall many times. Keep encouraging them to walk. Keep all harmful substances locked up. Your little one is adventurous. Don’t leave your child unattended. The stages of walking mean your child is on the move, anything can happen. The first time my son learned to crawl he fell off the couch. He had a bruise on his nose, but that gone now, and he is ok. You will need to make designated play areas.

Lock areas with access to dangerous places like stairs. You may need to purchase baby gates. Keep cupboard and toilet doors locked. It is not advised to allow your child to use baby walkers. There has been much controversy on this.

Walkers delay your child from walking as they simply push themselves in them, rather than walk. There have also been reports of babies falling over and occurring serious injuries from walkers. Be smart, be wise, be alert. Your baby may not follow all the steps mentioned. And some babies may begin earlier or later than others. Nathaniel started walking at 8 months.

In conclusion:

The stages of walking are tummy time, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling him/herself up to stand, standing, cruising, walking, squatting and climbing up the stairs. Let your baby lead. Don’t force him/her. Be patient with nature to take its course. And don’t forget to always have your camera on hand.

stages of walking

Cheers MrsChettyLife

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  1. I miss having a child in this phase! This is great information I wish I had when my 13 year old was baby. I am for sure going to share this with all my friends with little babies.

  2. My baby crawled up the stairs way before she walked! Walking is such a crazy milestone, it’s my favorite because it’s easier to take them outside!

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