Soothe your teething baby.

Soothe your teething baby

From what I have read, teething begins from the age of about 3 months and above till about 2 years in most babies. I assumed that the tooth will just pop up on its own. Like in the movies where the baby woke up one shiny day with a brand new sparkling white tooth. I was far from right.

Disclaimer I’m no doctor.

But I’m sharing what I have experienced in my son. If you have concerns please contact your pediatrician. And every baby is different and has different growth structure.

We had finally got into some kinda routine that my baby was sleeping through the night. Waking up 2 to 3 times to feed and went back to bed. For a week his timetable suddenly changed. He was blowing bubbles with his mouth which I read from my mummy app that it’s a good thing. But none of them warned me about teething.

He was restless, fighting sleep and pulling on his ears.

He wanted to be carried all the time and was comfort feeding. My happy baby became a cranky baby.


One evening my husband came back from work. He had heard me complain and had seen Nathan’s change. He suggested that Nathaniel might be teething. Of course again being a First Time Mother (FTM) I had no idea. I quickly googled and read about teething.

Then the drooling started.

And he was throwing up a little more than he should. Nathaniel had a white rash in his mouth too. As he discovered his hands, he tried to put both hands into his mouth.

He ended up putting two fingers from each hand at the same time into his mouth. I could tell he was uncomfortable.

Nathaniel was about 11 and a half weeks so he wasn’t 3 months old yet but the signs showed it. I was given a teething gel from my Dischem mommy bag and I tried it. It helped a little.

Still he had some discomfort. When he cried too much or was in too much pain I would give him some Panadol syrup. I didn’t want him living on Panadol syrup and I needed a better solution.

A friend of mine suggested calpol.

Calpol specifically mentions teething as one of the things it helps with. I got some calpol.

Another friend swore by Ashton and Parsons teething powder. My husband went to the chemist and bought some.


I could see a difference in Nathaniel when I tried these two medicines. Of course as a mother I want the best for my child and I read that some teething gels and powders were banned because of their ingredients. So I Googled Ashton and parsons ingredients. It contains chamomile which is safe for babies. You can read the nitty-gritty here: https://www.ashtonandparsons.co.uk/about/how-to-use/

I rub on half of a sachet on his tongue and gums with clean hands of course and an instant smile plays on his mouth.

We have also used Prodol.

It is a teething medicine which has local anaesthetic, fungicidal and bactericidal properties. It is a strong soother. We used this one as my sons back molars began to emerge.

Other methods to use for baby’s teething discomfort are:

He loves to chew on his hands or my hands which we substitute for teething toys and dummies.

Freezing a specific face cloth and giving it to baby according to the weather, helps to numb the area which is uncomfortable.

Breast milk or fruit juice popsicle are also one method to use to help ease baby’s discomfort. But this is also dependant on the weather.

Are there any recommendations you have?

Leave a comment below.

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