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Who is simply bee?
Beeswax products made from naturally sourced West Coast Fynbos honey. This post is in collaboration with Simply Bee. I received products for a review.

Simply Bees’ product range now includes: Hand & Body Products, Facial Skin care range, Baby Products, Men’s products, Home products, Hair products, Soaps & Candles and Ointments and Balms.
As well as Books, Massage oils, Sun care products, Propolis Products, Solid perfumes, Honey, Polishes and Gift Pack combinations.

Introduction to Simply Bee

Simply Bee’s products offer all natural, organic, handmade, environmentally friendly products. They are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances and parabens for the body and home. They are badger friendly too.

Limited edition: under limited edition they have products such as bath salts, body oils, body scrubs, bubble baths, hand and body lotion, hand and body wash, hand cream and lip balm sticks.

Bee observation centre:

You can book to walk around as a centre visitor or make a visit as a school. The aim of the preservation centre is to inform, educate and create an opportunity to observe our honey bees while they are at work. Click here to see how they work with the bees at their Bee observation centre:

Beauty salon: Simply Bee Natural is the place where you can experience their products to the fullest.

What is Fynbos honey?
Natural Honey from bees collected from the local Fynbos, which is located in a remote area with no commercial farming in the area of collection. The bees are not used for commercial pollination either. And filtered with minimal heat.

Benefits of beeswax:

Beeswax has strong antibacterial and mild anti-inflammatory properties. It is believed to be
-moisturizing for sensitive skin
-hydrating to the skin
-soothing for certain skin conditions such as eczema and diaper rash

Natural carrier oils and essential oils in the products I received:
Coconut oil
Castor oil
Shea butter
Sweet almond oil
Neem seed oil
Myrrh oil
Essential oils: tea tree, lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, citronella

Comments while using the products:

Baby lotion: the baby lotion smells like a baby. It is creamy and forms a nice barrier on the skin. Leaving the skin soft, moisturized and buttery but not oily.

Baby wash: I feel the wash is too thick and creamy. It didn’t lather nicely and my son came out oily.
I don’t prefer this wash.

Antiseptic balm: I haven’t been able to experience this balm due to its nature. It is ideal for eczema, rashes and cold sores.

antiseptic balm
Insect repellent:

We have near our mosquitoes at home. If I don’t close the windows and doors in time, we are a festive for mosquitoes. After being bitten I rubbed the insect balm onto the bites and the itching stopped. The next night I protected my son and I by applying the insect repellent.

Baby Bum balm: smells strongly of tea tree which I like for its antiseptic reasons. Works well on my sons sensitive bum. Keeps him moisturized until his next change. I like that it’s natural and safe.

baby bum balm

Beeswax soap with fynbos honey: smells beautifully of honey. Lathers nicely. My body came out smelling lovely and feeling soothed and relaxed. Without feeling dried out.

simply bee
Beeswax soap with lavender:

Lathers fine, smells lovely. Washes the skin clean. I felt like I just came out of a spa. My body was all soft and smelling lovely. Similar to the one with honey except the lavender smell. I love both beeswax soaps.

simply bee soap

In conclusion: I love that Simply Bee are made from beeswax. They are natural ingredients and the essential oil benefit is a plus. They also use natural bees without using them commercially or fed with chemicals. I have my eye set on the solid perfumes. I received prompt feedback during my query and the parcel arrived promptly. After using these products, I bought the Simple Bee all natural lip balm and I just love it. I recommend Simply Bee products. Check them out here:

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