Show love to your baby.

A baby experiences love differently because a baby does not really understand words from the beginning. Have you ever seen an uncontrollable baby who just melts in the arms of a parent? My son does this too many times. The question is how do we show love to our baby in a language they understand?

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Show love to your baby by:

  1. Hugs and kisses: touch is a sole language for a baby. Touch sends signals to the brain that make them feel calm and feel good. That is a big way to show love to your baby. So hold them close to you. Trust me, the bigger they get the more independent they become and you will miss these profound memories and opportunities. My son now reprociates hugs and kisses. He will be in the middle of play and randomly come and give me a hug and kiss. My heart melts. The morning cuddles are also the best, special and sweet. Practice baby massage on them. It’s easy, relaxing and calming.
  2. Listening and attending to their cues and cries: Have you ever interacted with someone who doesn’t speak your language? But you notice this person is hurt by their cries. This person reaches out and give you a hug or picks what fell on the floor and hands it to you. Better yet gives a helping hand when your hands are overflowing. Doesn’t it feel good to know that even though you don’t speak the same language. Responding to your babies cries and cues tells them that you care enough to soothe them. This builds trust. They begin to trust you, when something is wrong, they trust you will make it ok. Sometimes my son just cries and I must automatically know what he wants. Even though he is 14 months and can now communicate without crying. Babies giggles are so sweet, real and cute.
  3. Play with them. Make them ? laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. I make a conscious decision to give my son a few minutes of undivided attention and play with them. Play peekaboo. Kick the ball. Drive his toy cars. He appreciates the attention and he smiles. Sing and dance with them. Take them outside and enjoy a walk and few minutes of fresh air. We like to lay down out in the yard on the grass.
  4. Take care of them by catering for their basic needs: a humans basic needs are food, water, sleep and shelter. As long as these basic needs are met then you will have a happy chappy. I was informed in my prenatal classes that if a baby cries check if they are hungry or if the nappy is wet or if they are not uncomfortable (something is poking them). Of course a baby doesn’t need water till after a 8 months to a year old. Water is provided in breast milk.

Show them by

  1. Speak kind words to them: a baby picks up on the tone of your voice. They know when you speak kindly and when you speak harshly to them. Set the standard. Your baby will one day immitate what you do. They will speak harshly to you because it is what you taught them. I saw this memo on Facebook, raise them kind. And remember one day they will have relationships too, whatever you tea h them now will affect them for many years to come. They are human beings too. I guess you wouldn’t like to be yelled at all the time. It matters to them too. Children are never too young to know who is nice and who is mean. That’s why they agree for some people to hold them and others not. A baby senses who you are by your ♥ heart. It will also be easier for them to learn to speak by you speaking to them.
  2. Pay attention to them: my son doesn’t like it when I am on the phone too long( he steals my phone and runs away or he sits and picks his fingers on my phone) , or when I cook or do dishes, he doesn’t like it when I read or when my husband and I cuddle. He knows that when I do all these unnecessary things my attention is not on him. And he sure loves my attention. This is why I make an intentional undivided play specifically for him. My son will not always be this young. And these moments will never come again. Plus paying attention to your baby helps to avoid some unnecessary injuries. Parents develop a reflex that helps keeps children safe. Or to put it in way man’s terms mommy instinct.
  3. Bath them. My son has always loved his baths. It is a direct way to calm and relax him. When he is fussy or has a sore tummy, a bath is the answer. He now looks forward to a bath because he knows it’s an opportunity to splash ? and play.
  4. Discernment: I mentioned earlier that mommy instinct plays along. Before I had my son, when we were pregnant, I would always worry how I will take care of this little person. But mommy instinct came after I gave birth to him. It is also discernment. Mom can fortel the future. Picture this, you tell your baby so many times not to do that you will hurt yourself. Few minutes later that happens. I call that discernment.any times you just know that something is not right with your baby and you rush them to the hospital, only to find out you were right. Even if you aren’t better be safe than sorry.

These are other ways as well:

  1. Pray for your baby: I always look up to prayer when I know its something I can’t handle and it’s out of my hands. Prayer gives good vibes and safety on your child for the future and for the present. There is power in prayer. And this is a good way to show love to your baby. If something is meaningful to you and you care about it, you pray for them.
  2. Read with them and show interest in what they do: one thing I would love my son to do and learn from me is to read and write. Because this is something I love to do and I love my son. So combine the two things I love. Even when I’m dead and gone I would love my son to remember me through reading and writing. It’s the purpose of this blog. One day he will read everything I am writing to him here. And that’s what I would love my legacy to be. And reading helps you dream big.
  3. Help them: another way to show love to your baby is helping them through difficult things. Through places, they can’t reach. Help by asking for help through prayer and at the doctors. Life always needs a helping hand. Grown-up people who have strained relationships with their parents complain about this one thing where we’re you when I needed you? So be there for your baby and help them.
  4. Speaking to them and making soothing sounds: you are the first person a child learns to speak from. I tell my son’s stories, we have a conversation. He listens to my voice. There’s a scripture in the Bible that says my sheep know my voice. Speak to them, make soothing noises. When your baby was in your womb one thing that stood out to them is your voice and your heartbeat. Your voice reassuringimg to them. They love your voice and the funny quirks and sounds it makes. Plus you are teaching them to speak and converse. And it makes life so much easier when they can speak.

Show love to your baby by learning how they communicate to you.

How does a baby communicate with you:

Crying is the basic way of them communicating with you. They can’t speak so they cry.

Baby talk as they grow older babies begin what is called baby talk. You will learn the fancy words they use for certain things the more time you spend with them. ?

Body language: reading a babies body language is one way they talk. When my son hurts himself he holds whatever thing he hurt and I know how to soothe him. And make sure he is OK. In my first aid class they said we should watch for warning signs when something is wrong: is your little one bleeding? vomiting? eyes rolling up? If there is rush to the emergency room. That all comes in body language. Some people say it’s also easy to teach a baby sign language, they use it before they can speak.

Lastly learn your baby’s love language. You will know the Perks of what your baby likes and answer to the love language when you do this. This is a way to show love to your baby. You may read from for more info.

Cheers, happy mothering.

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