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Shattered Pieces

Shattered Pieces

Shattered pieces: I accidentally broke the full length mirror today. We have had it for about 2 years. You should have seen the mess it made with all the small scattered pieces everywhere. The loud heck of a noise it made as it fell. Luckily my son was safely in bed fast asleep and no one was hurt. Shattered pieces.

My heart fell. I kinda grew attached to this mirror. Earlier during the year when hubby had traveled I wrote a little love letter with lipstick on the mirror for him. He loved the note when he came home. I haven’t rubbed the note since.

This turned out to be one of those ‘AHA’ moments. When life wants to teach you a lesson.

It immediately struck me as I daintily picked each piece up, each piece in its shattered piece looked beautiful.


Why, The shattered piece became its own work of art. And they all looked beautiful. I pulled out my camera and began to take pictures of each little piece. Some where not reusable and some had little splinters in it.

I threw the ones I couldn’t reuse and cleaned up the ones with splinters in. Progress means we leave some things and some people behind. When something shatters changes need to be made.

The noise it made, made me think of how we as humans do so many good things every other day. We feel like these things go unnoticed. But when one sad or bad thing happens it makes a loud bang and lots of people notice. We must still do good things. One day our shattered piece will be the most valuable thing.

Plus we take advantage of the good things we have and only appreciate it’s value when it is gone.

How we easily blame ourselves for one mistake but don’t realise the pot of gold our Shattered pieces have made or exposed.
‘When one door closes we are so busy concentrating on this one closed-door to notice the other open doors thence created.’

pot of gold

Sometimes all we need is a shattered bang in order to get our lives in order.

Appreciate and notice the valuable things in our lives today. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Don’t take advantage of its existence too.

And when that valuable thing is gone. Look at the valuable things it left behind.

What life lessons has the shattered pieces taught you?
How whole are you today because of the small shattered pieces that where glued on to make a master piece. 

A shattered piece is different, handles life differently and celebrates in its uniqueness.

Better yet you can create your own unique value with a mixture of various shattered pieces. Shattered forms are beautiful pieces of art. Unique in their own form.

Don’t overlook the lessons in shattered forms. The wake up call we get. Art lies beneath it all.

Don’t only look at life in the negative form. There is lots of value in everyday life.

When one thing shatters, know this, there’s light at the end of the tunnel!! Be strong, pick every piece up and move forward. Head held high.

Shattered Pieces

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