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To conclude the series on finding and living a purposeful life, a link post for encouraging reads to keep you going.

My word for the year is faith. Faith was placed on my heart and has been ringing in my mind. Faith. What about it? It is believing or trusting in the things that you can not see and knowing they will work out.

Gods voice

When you plan the appropriate measures and putting appropriate things in place for what you are hoping for to succeed. It is planning out a house that has not been built. A pregnant mother buying clothes for the unborn baby. Faith is hoping and trusting that things will go well.  

Todays’ reading reminded me that I should “BE YOU”. I asked WHO AM I? and read on to remind me that We are unique, special and God has put us here for a reason. That we fill a need and only we can. We are so masterpiece-ly, uniquely, handmade to be ourselves and fit in in our own way with all of them.

Everyone has a specific purpose to serve.

 God’s purpose. I belong and I must not hide in my shell. Which I tend to do a lot. So, this plan I have, and this pressing need I want to fulfill is a purpose.

I am here today to remind you, all of us who are feeling devalued and insignificant that you matter. You are unique. Not forgetting a masterpiece. People need you. Yes! you have been placed to touch someone’s heart and bring about a small change in their lives. But it starts with you. Your conception and idealism. A change of heart and mind. A whole new visualization on who you are, whose you are and why you are. Whether you notice it or not.

Gods voice

Your life purpose first step is a MAJOR change in your mindset.

You may have ultimate peace in your decision to pursuing your purpose. Deep down your heart you will know it’s time, you are on the right path and doing the right thing.

Your purpose will simultaneously be what you need and what the world needs from you.

Sometimes life makes the decision for you. It’s up to you to sit and mourn or make the best of it. You are blessed, everything your hands touch is blessed. You must believe that.


Sometimes a major change in your life events makes you make an about turn but is facing you in the right direction to your path to greatness. The people you lose and meet on the way are also part of your path. You will lose friends who do not belong there. 

When you realize and tap into your life’s purpose no one can stop you. Many things will act as Road blocks in your way but you will drive through, around or on top of them just to carry on, pushing you further in your path. The road continues. 

Remember that when we are fulfilling our life’s purpose, we need to align ourselves and create a relationship with the one who knows our purpose. 


Achieving your dream is like a pregnant woman who has to wait 9 months mostly to meet her baby. She cant see her baby but she knows her baby is there. In the meantime the baby is developing and growing while the mom is developing and growing too.

He speaks to people in a way that they can hear Him. For some, He uses your gut feelings and intuition. For others, He reveals Himself to you in Bible study and devotion. He is the conversation you have with yourself. The thought that comes out of nowhere, the “peace that surpasses all understanding” (Philippians 4:7) that comes out of the blue, right as you were beginning to obsess. 

You were handpicked and hand selected. Some days that purpose-filled life He picks is full of laughter and fun. Other days, it is filled with sadness and tears. Lean into Him either way. Follow His direction either way. Learn the sound of His voice because it is instrumental to you carrying out all that He has for you.

life purpose1
Your dream is your baby to nurse.

Only you can handle that dream. No one else is better equipped for it. Be it physically, mentally, socially, creatively or intellectually. You have all the tools you need. All you have to do is use them. Trust me you have all the tools.

Working in silence efficiently and silently. Keeping watch of who you tell and equipping yourself. Your dream will come to pass. As long as you keep doing something about it and working on it. No matter the cost. Soon enough or not as soon as you hope, it will come to pass.

Eventually you will succeed if you never give up. You will wonder why you even thought of giving up in that instance. Yes, one day you will look back and smile, thinking it was silly of you to think that way.

It is very easy to abandon your dream once something goes wrong, unplanned or when life gets busy.

I always wanted a camera. Never knew how to use it. I didn’t pursue nor dwell in it by learning and practicing how to use it. At this moment I have no idea where that camera is. I gave up on my dream.

life purpose

There is a trail process that grooms you to be able to handle your dream even when difficulties arise. This is when you need to strive and dwell on your dream. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it. When you feel discouraged speak to someone, listen to motivational podcasts, read and get in touch with other people who are pursuing their dreams.

Follow blogs and pages on social media were people are pursuing their dreams. You might get a little inspiration from them. Set reminders on your phone to remind you about your dream. Write down a vision board, put it in a place you will visit every day and are most likely to see. No matter what happens and what you do dwell onto your dreams.

How to stay resilient during tough times:

Know your calling. Follow your teaching. Have Faith and hope. Be like Jesus. Be like a baby. Now resilience doesn’t mean you should be walked and pushed over. It means being strong enough to know when you have had enough, doing something about it and being better. Life can and will be a pain sometimes. What matters is how resilient you are going to be.

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Cheers happy Purposeful living, MrsChettyLife.


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