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SA Candle Supply is a company that supplies everything you need for candle making. This includes fragrances, waxes, wicks, dyes and candle containers and much more.

They supply to wholesalers and private people. This post is in collaboration with SA Candle Supply.

Other than this, they provide educational courses on how to make candles. There is a beginner course and an advanced course.

I was privileged to be part of the beginners’ course by SA Candle Supply. Everything was provided for the course.

SA Candle Supply: Ingredients:

They supplied:


Containers and lids for Diffusers

Reeds for diffusers

Diffuser oil


Pouring jars

Soy wax

Candle containers

Wooden mixing spoons

Popsicle sticks to hold the wicks in place

Infrared thermometer

Candle wicks

Pouring jars

Dye for candles

Soap molds for extra candles

The course commenced with two friendly women teaching us step by step on how to make candles.

Candle wicks:

Candle wicks

How to choose the right wicks for your jar. What type of ranges of wicks they have on their website:

It is important to use the right wick size for your jar right from the beginning. We used STB14 and V14 for the nova jar. STB18 for the Leda jar. And two STB14 for the Luna. We learnt how to keep candle wicks in place using Popsicle sticks.


SA Candle: candle jars and diffusers

An explanation on what jars to use for your candle making was given. We were given three jars (classic jars: nova white, Leda and Luna clear) and in different sizes and colors.

Emphasis on the bottom being a thick base and thick sides of the jars should be considered. So that we don’t have exploding jars when candles are lit.

Our next topic was on Fragrance oils:

Fragrance oils

SA Candle Supply has a great range of fragrance oils including essential oils and fine (top range perfumes) fragrance oils.

I used Ylang Ylang and rose fragrance. Because I love roses and flowers. It smells completely divine.

Soy wax:

Soy wax

We used soy wax because it is vegan, eco-friendly, natural and safe (where as paraffin contains toxic fumes). Being a mother, I strive to look for natural nontoxic materials for my household. Candles should be one of them.

They explained why soy wax is the better option compared to beeswax. Save the bees ? please. Learning how to melt soy wax. Using a double boiler too. They have various quality equipment you can use for melting.

What temperatures are needed to pour soy wax for candle making. How to read the temperature with the infrared thermometer.

SA Candle: infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometers measure steam. You may download testing sheets on the website. After pouring the soy wax into the jars, We mixed in the fragrance oils with a wooden spoon (stick).

We poured the oil into the candle containers (step 1). Leaving a little space on the top for candle pouring step 2. We let the oil cool and took a tea break.

Essential oils:

After our break our host explained on using essential oils in candle making. As well as how to choose the best oils by smell and price.

Essential oils must be added to a carrier oil such as vegetable oils and or butters such as coconut oil and Shea butter. Mixing Shea butter, adding essential oils and lastly adding to soy wax.

Color pods

We learnt how to use concentrated color pods to color or dye candles. Remembering to add the color pods before adding the fragrance. We were advised on how to tell the difference between soy wax and paraffin candles.

We then added step 2 of candle pouring when the candle in the jars had hardened. Allowing the candle to harden further to a day and a half before use. A nail clipper is used to cut the candle wicks to desired sizes.

Diffuser: SA Candle Supply

We used the Iris, Arum clear and Arum white jars. All found on their website. When making Diffusers, pour the fragrance oil first then pour your diffuser oil and seal.

SA Candle Supply make their own wonderful diffuser oil. We placed 8 diffuser sticks in each jar when we got home.

According to our host: the Diffusers last about 3 to 6 months and reeds should be turned every 4 to 5 days. Brush reeds with a piece of cloth before turning. And change your sticks when they turn yellowish.

Facial wipes

We had fun making facial wipes in a glass jar using cotton rounds, castile soap or unscented face soap, distilled water, coconut oil and essential oils. Easy to make but wonderful for cleaning, cleansing and toning.

And the last thing, we got to carry home was the handmade lip balms using Shea butter, coconut wax, soy wax and essential oils.


Oil for Diffusers contains alcohol which should not be inhaled. It is also corrosive and may burn some materials. They should be kept in a safe place, high place as well as Diffusers away from pets and children.

Candles are hot and flammable. Should be kept away from open fires, children and pets.

SA Candle Supply

Be extra careful when handling hot melted wax. It is HOT. Remember to protect your working place by putting newspapers.

Also follow the exact melting points and measurements as explained on their website. Or you can ask them. Better yet, take one if the informative courses.


Each step was demonstrated then they walked around to help us and show us how to do it. The website is very informative. Which has a detailed description (including mm on jars) and explanation on each of their products.

The staff at SA Candle Supply are friendly and hands on. If you have questions, each was answered thoughtfully.

They are on call and mentioned that they were available if you needed any help during your candle making. Even after the course was over.

While being knowledgeable and have true and tried hacks to make things easier for you.

For precise measurements and all questions you may have, contact SA Candle Supply on Facebook: and for all your candle making needs on the website:

Diffuser base oil
In conclusion:

SA Candle Supply is an all-inclusive website that teaches and supplies everything you need for candle making on a small scale and wholesale.

I have fallen in love with candle making thanks to candle making course I attended. Check them out on the website:

More ? knowledge from MrsChettyLife:

Cheers, happy mothering, MrsChettyLife ?.

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