Random Facts About Me

Random facts about meRandom Facts About Me

Random facts about me: Firstly Name: Natasha Chetty

Age: 25

1 Fear: Bees

3 things I love: Red Roses, Black, My family

My best friend: Clarissa

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name meaning: Natasha means thank you in a Zambian language called Bemba.

What do I miss: Pre-pregnancy I had a big sweet tooth, not anymore and I miss it and I also miss some Zambian food like groundnuts, shawarma, visashi, AmaSipSip.

What day and time was I born: I was born on a Wednesday around 4pm.

Random facts about me:

Favorite colour: Black and royal blue

Random facts about me

Favourite place: Library, book store and the mall

Favourite food: Junk food

Favourite beverage: Juice (Cranberry cooler by Liquifruit at the moment)

Do I use sarcasm: I breathe it

What am I listening to right now: TBwoy ft TSean- Dont lead me on.

First thing i notice on a person: Their eyes

Shoe size: 3-4

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: afro – off black. Random facts about me. 

Favourite clothing / dressing style: jeans and branded takkies, anything chilled. 

How I feel right now: Happy

Relationship status: Married

Someone I love: Lawrence, my husband and Nathaniel, my son

Tattoos and piercings: a cross tattoo, I had an eyebrow ring which is closed up now, I have a belly ring and I have 3 holes on each side of head on my ears for earrings.

Random facts about me

Favourite song: Depends on my mood

My insecurity: I have a fissured tongue, I never stick my tongue out.

Best feature: My eyes, lips, hair and smile

Personalized things to be happy about.

1. Food

Ever had this large craving for some certain food? And you wait long enough till you have that one bite? Your taste buds go screaming and a smile just erupts on your face. Also when you so hungry and finally get a meal in your tummy. Now that’s joy.

2. Life

Waking up everyday. Especially when the day before was terrible and wouldn’t end. When you finally got to get a little zees and you up the next morning. Feeling much better. That’s one thing to be happy about.

3. Family

Be it real fam or friends turned fam. They are always there for you. That one friend that randomly calls you when you down and out and gives you a smile.

4. A roof over my head

Whether it’s a leaking roof or your car van. It’s a roof and it counts. There are people who sleep on the streets. A roof is a plus.

5. ‘The deed’

The process of manufacturing moans. The ahs and mmmmms. Do you get my gist? I am trying to be blog friendly and not come outright. But that is something to be happy about. ? Enough said. Random facts about me.

6. Expression

Being able to write my thoughts down. Someone commenting and following and liking my posts. That’s happiness.

7. My son

As a mother, happiness to me is when my son who has been unwell and wakes up feeling much better.

8. His stary smile

Happiness is also seeing that beautiful dimpled smile on my son’s face. When someone else holds him but his head turns to right back at me to stare, his eyes lighten up and a huge smile erupts. It makes me feel special.

9. Being able to release

Ever been stuck in a traffic jam and needing to release? Maybe release gas or burp or outright go to the bathroom? A little TMI, but when you finally get to its pure happiness.

10. My birthday

Happiness is having my birthday. Another year and another reason to keep hustling.


What can I do to simplify my Life. Random facts about me.

I’d get myself a dish washer and cloth folder. Or at least get a laundry room and closets in the same room.

I would get my family a house and not pay rent to someone every month. Put up solar electricity too.

I would get myself a hair braider. That braids, washes and dries my hair in 2 seconds.

I would have a job that pays very well without me doing anything.

I would also get a car that doesn’t use petrol.

I would get an easy, ever ready, efficient working back massagers that soothed my aching muscles.

I’d would sleep and wake up rested with huge amounts of energy everyday.

I’d get an honourable doctorate without doing any hard work nor studies.

Have available money any time I and my family need and want it. And it should never run out.

I’d set up reminders and interesting writing prompts for a whole year.

I’d have readily available relevant information on any topic without going through thousands of websites looking for one answer.

I’d have a readily available list of songs or music that would match my mood even when I did not know my mood.

Using eco-friendly products and essential oils.

I’d have a book shop with books only I enjoy reading.


I’d clean my house when I feel like cleaning and it should stay clean till the next time I feel like cleaning. Random facts about me.

Lastly Breathe, just breathe, that is what I would do just to get by each day.

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Cheers, happy mothering, MrsChettyLife.

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