Pursuing your dreams.

Pursuing your dreams.

4 steps to pursuing your dreams.

A guide to pursue your dreams.


This step is of high importance. You must research on your topic area. Research on what resources are available for your dream, expenses associated with your dream and what other people in your niche dream are doing. Look at your funding and how much you have available for your dream. There are lots of places you can research, these are on blogs, vlogs, podcasts, social media groups, google, free resources like Udemy, Teachable and SkillShare to learn about what things you will need to make your dream come true. Use this as an opportunity to learn about your dream, explore options and get ideas about your dream. One never stops learning.

2. Prepare

After have a whole load of information from your researching what do you do next? Begin to prepare for your dream. Write down notes and ideas that strike you. Begin to slowly purchase necessities for your dream. Begin to advertise and expose your dream. This helps you to be more accountable for it. And maybe you might get sponsorship for it. Be careful though to avoid dream killers. Write down your visions and reasons why you started. Begin a gratitude journal. Prepare your mind mentally for your dream.

3. Pursue:

Planning and preparing is very vital, next it is time to hit the road. Begin to pursue your dream, whether this involves writing one small article for your blog every day or beginning to practice taking pictures in different scenes with your camera, do something with this information. Don’t sit on a pot of gold. Write down small successes you face for inspiration on a rainy day. I have always loved nature and I usually notice small things that other people tend to ignore, I capture these beautiful things in my head with no one to share them with. I thought having a camera would be easy and my family gifted me with one. I thought I would simply take a picture amateurly and VIOLA the way I see this beautiful thing will be the way it will look after taking a picture of it. I was wrong. It takes practice to become an expert at your dream.

4. Dwell;

It is very easy to abandon your dream once something goes wrong, unplanned or when life gets busy. I always wanted a camera. I didn’t know how to use it. I didn’t pursue nor dwell in it by learning and practicing how to use it. At this moment I have no idea where that camera is. I gave up on my dream. There is a trail process that grooms you to be able to handle your dream even when difficulties arise. This is when you need to strive and dwell on your dream. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it. When you feel discouraged speak to someone, listen to motivational podcasts, read and get in touch with other people who are pursuing their dreams. Follow blogs and pages on social media were people are pursuing their dreams. You might get a little inspiration from them. Set reminders on your phone to remind you about your dream. Write down a vision board, put it in a place you will visit every day and are most likely to see. No matter what happens and what you do dwell onto your dreams.

In conclusion:

Remember that pursuing your dream takes a while. I am one who believes that things don’t just coincidently happen. I believe everything happens for a reason. And everything is eventually intertwined. My husband gifted me with a camera last Christmas. He thought it would be something I would love. I absolutely love my camera. Because I can use it for my blog pictures, as freebies and begin teaching photography. I have been looking for some way to be of value on my blog and I feel this will be the way aside from giving motherly advice.

My dream signs where loud and clear, firstly I received a camera from my family which I later abandoned. Next my husband gifts me with a camera few years later. Then I sign up at church for creativity groups which involve a camera for websites and social media. I don’t need any more signs. I’m grabbing this bull by its horns and running with it. I must equip myself for the journey ahead. This means I must learn how to use this camera. I have downloaded photography apps, editing software, I have followed blogs, Facebook groups and vlogs and I’m ready to learn. I will share my journey with you. Walk with me on ‘My journey to photography’.

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