Life Purpose Part 2

Finding your life purpose means you let God lead and you follow. Your purpose is already inside you. You know it partially.

All you got to do is to tap into it and draw it out. While you prepare for it. It is a journey, so it does not happen at once. This post is a three part series and in collaboration with Brittany from Ordinarily Extraordinary Mom.

Definition of gifts. Life Purpose.

Most times our purpose is a consistent gentle nudge. Your heart races thinking of it on it’s on your heart. It won’t go away until you write it down, speak to someone about it and actually do something about it.


A gift is something you are naturally good at that no one else can do. If you are not there to do it there is a blank space. More like a piece of a big puzzle. There maybe 5000 pieces but the puzzle is not complete without you and your gift. Others will do something similar but not an exact match to what you can do. 

Pieces of your character. And things you do not like. Those shape your life’s purpose because they are the backbone or corner pieces that help you not to sway from your goal. 

Our purpose

Becomes known to us through a series of major life changing events such as a death, birth, marriage, divorce, draught, epidemic, quitting your job, getting fired, losing something important, company closure, moving to another town, enlightenment etc.

A month after my son was born, my husband lost his job simply because of a misplaced passport. He had put in sweat and many hours into this job and missed his sons birth because his boss refused to give him time off.

My husband would travel for weeks without coming home. When he finally came home a month after Nathaniel our son was born, his boss wanted him to go to Botswana. My husband couldn’t find his passport and his boss fired him.

Glory from a mishap.

Our company Mapalo Contractors was born a week after. And this allows me to stay home (2 years later) with my son. I am happy and fulfilled. I have learned and grown. Plus other businesses have sprouted and are sprouting from that decision.


You will go out of your comfort zone a lot and will be stretched thin until you snap or cannot take it anymore then something beautiful happens. So it will not be easy but when you get there they will totally be worth it and you will never be the same.

When you work on your purpose you will feel valued and fulfilled. Like hey you are actually doing something with my life that you are proud of.

An example:

As I was working at my previous company. I was there for 4 years and had contemplated leaving many times. It was almost a dead end job. I was not feeling fulfilled nor very appreciated, just happy to take the pay check home. When I went on maternity leave and my son was born I said no more. I did not have anywhere else (another job) to go to.

Just to be home with my son. But to me this is the greatest thing in the world and I felt inspired, enlightened and at peace. A decision I would never have done before. Way out of my comfort zone but I knew I deserved more than just a pay check at the end of the month. I felt as though I put in much more effort and time than I was rewarded.


It is heart-breaking, draining, and unfulfilling to put in too much into something and get nothing or close to nothing out. It gets to you.  

When you achieve your life purpose your reward will come with other added benefits. For example, it wont just be about the money but it will be something you enjoy doing and you will help others in turn.  

Ask yourself these important questions:

What are your values?

What things do others say about you that you are good at? That is a seed that is planted and needs to be watered and blossomed.

What do you think about a lot?

What thing do not you give up on?


What is the one positive thing that has been with you or that you did when you were young, and you still do now?

How do you want to live?

Where do you see yourself?

Where or what places are you the calmest and happiest? 

Knowing your life’s purpose is a journey. As you go you discover, develop and sharpen yourself and your skills. 

Tap into what you are good at doing naturally.

There is no right or wrong way. Our paths are unique and special to each one of us. Our up bring, our past, culture and experiences play an important role. Because they shape who we are and give us ideas on how to make the best of where we are.

More on Life Purpose:

When working on your life purpose something or someone will distract you on your journey. Maybe money issues, a slight hiccup, a call back from your old bosses or your ex good for nothing boyfriend or backstabbing ex best friend etc. But you must not sway and give up. Keep your eyes focused on your goal. Don’t go back to your spit. Look and move forward.


You are where you are for a reason and it is a virtual step to your life purpose.

Writing has always been a part of my journey; I wrote in my diary when I was young and short stories. When I was pregnant I dint have time to journal so I began writing short notes on my phone.

When I fell pregnant, I began to write love letters to my son and began a blog. The blog is digital and easier to manage. Plus it was stay for years longer than a dairy so he can read when he is older.

I still write love letters to my son in my blog.

It has developed into writing my experiences and lessons in motherhood. As my son grew older and began to crawl, I stumbled upon the toxins in the house from cleaning products and beauty and baby products.


I became Eco Mom and my niche shifted a bit (narrowed down). I did reviews for eco companies in SA. I was inspired further and began making my own eco-friendly company called Econest. 

Every step on your journey whether good or bad counts. It is a learning process as it reveals areas in your character that you were not aware of. And sharpens you to be and do better. That thing will be a strength in a certain area of your purpose. 

Do not rush to skip them. 

Explore and enjoy them all. Learn from them  they are shaping you to your destination which is your purpose.

What to do when you realize your vision or life purpose?

Write down a vision board. Pray about it. Do small actionable steps towards your goal whether it is buying a domain or bottles for your natural business.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

Jeremiah 29:11.
Building on your life purpose.

Creating a YouTube channel, building followers and adding videos. Remember to show up for your goal and life purpose. God gave it to you, trust Him to provide for you during your journey.

Sometimes a major change in your life events makes you make an about turn but is facing you in the right direction to your path to greatness. The people you lose and meet on the way are also part of your path. You will lose friends who do not belong there. 

When you realize and tap into your life’s purpose no one can stop you. Many things will act as Road blocks in your way but you will drive through, around or on top of them just to carry on, pushing you further in your path. The road continues. 

Remember that when we are fulfilling our life’s purpose, we need to align ourselves and create a relationship with the one who knows our purpose.

You can’t see the whole stairway but you take the first step.

“For it is God which workers in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. “

Philippians 2:13

Many people will scone you, point fingers and laugh at you. Look at Noah building the ark on the Bible. I can imagine that passers-by laughed but when the storms came, they were asking him for help.

Noah did not know the total picture of his purpose. But he took measures and built the ark to get there. And it definitely was not easy. Plus, he waited for a long time in the ark. Food and all necessities were provided. Genesis (chapters) 6, 7 and 8.

Your passion mixed with Faith and resources will keep you going. 

You cant miss your passion because you automatically do it. No matter what stands in your way, you have hope and the strength to do it. Ideas flow like living water towards this passion and opportunities arise.


Also remember to save towards your life’s purpose. Be it money wise, resource wise, prayer wise, word or knowledge wise. 

What to expect in this series:

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Life Purpose Series part 3, we will talk about how God places things on our hearts for us to fulfil. How to know and learn Gods voice especially in relation to our life purpose and tips on staying strong during down times.

Living your Life Purpose Series part 4 will be a bonus summary, conclusion and related links post.

“He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Philippians 1:6

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