My secret to productivity as a mom.

My secret to productivity as a mom.  

Let us face it: Mom and productivity are words that do not go together. We are so busy and many days we go unseen and unheard. Until things fall apart.


Here are simple ways I increase my daily productivity. My secret to productivity as a mom. Productivity as a stay at home mom. These are tips I have learnt through trial and error.

Health first. Vitamins. Necessary meds. Healthy environment. Green cleaning. Green living. 

1. Make your bed. A made bed makes my room instantly feel cozy and cleaner, plus if my bed is made it makes it so easier for me to sleep and relax.

2. Quality sleep and rest. A well-rested person is happier, and it allows us to be ready for the day. Find ways that allow you to get a good night’s sleep.  

3. Prioritize your tasks and activities for the day. Start with the least liked things.  

4. Gratitude helps to refocus and look at the positives in your life instead of the negatives. This gives a shine (uplifts your mood). Whatever you think about and your mind dwells on is your reality.  

5. Slow living. Deliberately enjoying the slow moments. This includes minimalism, the less you have, the less you have that stresses you and the less you must clean.  

6. Declutter (pick something up as you go). Pick clutter from the floor the night before. Make your life liveable and functional.  

7. Music sets the tone, gives you a boost, keeps you company and takes the concentration off whatever task is at hand. Music is a friend.  

8. Self-care. Stay hydrated. Time to myself. It helps to zone out and give time to yourself. Spending time with oneself is a wonderful way to get to know yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. My favourite saying is you cannot pour from an empty cup.  

If I take care of myself first, I will be in a better position to take care of others. Take our vitamins and your personal meds.

Eat a balanced diet and healthy snacks. Happiness in small things. Praise your achievements, big or small. It starts with you. People will not always be there to praise you so do it yourself. 

Productivity as a mom


9. Journal to write down once a thought strike. De-stress and de-clutter your mind. When my mind is over working, as too many thoughts pass through my head, I journal and brain dump without second guessing. Other ways can be cry it out, go out with friends.

Having a listening ear (venting) or sending a voice note to yourself of you talking out what is in your head helps. As well as taking a walk-in nature, meditate, exercise.

Do whatever works for you when you need to de-clutter your mind. When your mind is clear, you function better. Journalism also reminds me of any vital details. And gives me ideas for my next blog post or social media post.

10. Grace. Giving yourself grace when you fail and setting realistic goals for yourself.  

11. Flexibility. Be flexible to change and find a way to work through that change. To allow flexibility in your life as a steppingstone to be and do better and not as a barrier. 

12. Keep to fixed times. Such as picking kids from school and other fixed or set times in your day.  

Keeping our staff together as moms. 

13. List making. Helps you keep track of what needs to be done. Put it in a place you often see. When doing grocery shopping, I walk around the house and write a list of everything I need.  

mom productivity

14. Plan. Schedule and use your calendar. Lists are my life. I have lists for everything. I use Plan Pad, or I send myself a list via WhatsApp. Use a simple app that works for you. Easy to log into. Stores your info even for future use. Saves on cloud and is not complicated to use.

I also have 3 different bags packed already with everything I need. I have put the basics in each one. Another bag, that I use for quick runs, it has a diaper, bum cream, wipes, masks, sanitizer, a pen and paper, snacks, and a few cars for quick runs.

Another big bag that has everything such as a change of clothes, chitenge (baby wrap), diapers, wipes, bum cream, masks, sanitizer and a third bag with a mid-day run accessories. If a time comes and I must run I know I have all essentials in all bags. So, I just carry one, throw my purse in and off I go. I know everything is there.  

Small things such as choosing an outfit days before, making sure the outfit is clean and hidden away. Put them in a place your kids cannot see. Out of sight out of mind! 


My secret to productivity as a mom. 

15. Have a conversation, less yelling, communicate and warn kids in advance. Tell someone. They might remember and remind you. We are going to bath, eat, or change your diaper soon.

This prepares my son that something else is coming next so wrap up and get ready. He usually picks his toys or cars up (that he is playing with) so that we can move to the next activity. And tells me “let’s go, Mama” when he is ready. 

16. Keep basic stock (pain killers, plasters or bandages, cough flu meds and other meds, basic first aid kit). Replace when you open the last packet of something (keep a running list and pantry), buy in bulk because it lasts longer and is cheaper etc. 

17. Do not give up. Keep to your schedule otherwise piles build up. For example, if you keep the house clean if a day comes when you are unable to clean, it will not look like a hurricane. Keeping a schedule with kids and a husband. 

18. Run errands in one convenient place. Less petrol to burn. And more things to get done in a convenient place.  

19. Healthy snacks and less sugar for kids. Sugar and unhealthy snacks give children and adults a hyped energy that makes them busy and unruly. The sugar rush makes them hyper which disturbs your concentration.


Instead of getting ready for school, you are running around and chasing a toddler. Less productive. I also carry snacks for my son which keeps him distracted for some time. Distractions are a great tool even for tantrums.  

Productivity as a stay at home mom.  

20. Do your laundry as often as you can. And fold away immediately. 

21. Involve the children in your day to day. Explain what you are doing and why. When you say no, try explaining why instead or offer an alternative. 

22. Another tip to stay organized is to ask to be sent a message, or email or WhatsApp immediately or send yourself one.

23. Ask for help, delegate or outsource. 

24. Find a system that works for you. Even if you must invent it yourself. Chances are you already have some kind of schedule; you need to work around what is already fixed (must do’s). 

25. A clean environment is motivational and sparks creativity. Clean after yourself. 

26. Direct access to often used things. Have things that you often use in clear sight. Put it back where you got it from immediately after use. Have a place for everything.

Keep cards, access keys, coins and cash, license in your purse. If you remove them put them back and remember to transfer to the bag you are carrying. If possible, keep card details on your phone in a password protected place.

27. Know and accept your weakness. No one is perfect. But we can do something about our weaknesses. (Enhance on it) If you constantly lose keys, add a few decorative pieces. And a tracker. 😉

mom productivity

In conclusion: It is ok to have off days. Give yourself grace. If possible, do nothing, re-prioritize, and relax. Do not let slacking days build up. When you feel overwhelmed and over worked, ask for a time out.

Mom’s need timeouts too. Find a system that works for you, make it your own and work it. This is my secret to staying organized as a mother and as a wife.  

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Cheers MrsChetty.


October 27, 2020 at 11:54 pm

These are all great productivity tips. I am working on getting this bed made daily. it makes such a difference for the room when I do it.

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