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Prepared Montessori Adult

Prepared Montessori Adult 

When it comes to Montessori, I feel the first place to start is with the adult because we can not teach Montessori if we do not fully understand it. we can not pour from empty cups.

Montessori is a way of life. It changes your thinking, the way you mentor and address your child, teaches, or reteaches your principles and how we view our children.  

montessori prepared adult

Montessori raises self-confident, self-reliant, and self-disciplined children who contribute to the well being of their social groups. They also develop the ability to move with order, coordination, and precision.

As well as the ability to concentrate and to complete tasks independently with perseverance and creativity. 

In the Montessori at Home environment;

As an adult, we support our children as their guide and gentle leader. We do not impose on them but respect children as capable human beings who can work independently. Seeing the child as their own person who is on their own unique path. We set up the environment in each of the rooms of our home that is open, in toddler reach (toddler size) and safe.  

Preparing “Yes” areas and adjusting where necessary to meet the needs of the child. We are gardeners who plant seeds, provide the right conditions for independent growth, give enough food, water, and light to help them grow. The adult and child have a dynamic relationship, based on mutual respect. We support our children to make discoveries for themselves. 

“[T]he educators [including parents] behave as do good  gardeners and cultivators toward their plants.” 

Dr. Maria Montessori, The Formation of Man

Encouraging Self-motivated growth for children and adolescents in all areas of their development this includes cognitive, emotional, social, and their physical well-being.

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Montessori education taps into a child’s natural desire for knowledge, understanding, and respect. At the same time, helping your child to develop a sense of empathy, social justice, and a lifelong love of learning from an early age.  

We give the child freedom within a space that we create ‘Freedom within Limits.’ We enable success by setting up our homes in a way that invites them to help in practical (daily) life areas.

We prepare an attractive environment, provide appropriate materials in a minimalist way, and observe as well as allow time and space for the child to experiment.  

The child is naturally ready and willing to learn. We read, research, and learn every day on bettering ourselves and making readily available spaces in our homes. As well as shelves and work areas for the child.  

Observation allows us to really see our child objectively with new, non-judgmental eyes. It allows us to be present, available and notice intricate details about our child.

It allows us to slow down, practice slow living and connect with our child as we see things from their perspective. In this manner we gain a greater understanding of them and the world around them from their viewpoint. 

We also present a complete activity for the child preferably on trays and / or baskets with natural materials.

montessori parenting

Complete activities have everything the child needs to work independently. For example, cleaning cloths, art materials on display, and no pieces missing.  

We follow the child’s interest, sensitive periods, abilities and set up developmentally appropriate lessons and activities in this line. Then we observe the child, we prepare lessons, unit studies, shelf work, and record observations. 

We practice the activity beforehand and show the child with slow, easy, and deliberate movements without confusing them with words. Afterwards we undo the activity and allow the child a concentrated turn with no interruptions.

We assist or present the activity again only when called upon. An end of a concentrated activity is usually presented by a deep sigh from your child. 

The prepared adult practices self-care and self-observation as well as organization and storing of materials and activities. We also are mindful about how we speak and our movements as our children are watching, learning, and observing from us. Soaking things like a sponge.  

We also speak clear and full vocabulary (using the right words) with our children to enrich their language and vocabulary.

A child goes through a sensitive period of order and organization. We feed this period by organizing our space.  

Once our child masters an activity, we put a more challenging one. We leave activities that the child is still interested in. And rotate activities that the child is not interested in.  

We read and learn about Montessori, curriculum, presentation, books, activities, materials, environment, respecting the children for the human beings they are etc.  

prepared adult

Montessori is more about the process than the outcome. Therefore, we should be patient and expect messes. Things will not come out as prefect as we expect them to. 

Books to read as a Prepared Montessori adult / parent: 

Montessori Toddler 

The absorbent mind Maria Montessori 

Montessori at home  (A Complete Guide to Doing, Montessori Early Learning Activities at Home With 3-6 Year Old Children, Third Edition By John Bowman ) 

Teach me to teach myself Maja Pitamic 

Montessori early years curriculum 

Teaching Montessori in the home by Elizabeth g. Hainstock – the preschool years 

Bringing the Montessori approach to your early years practice by Barbara Isaacs  

Montessori A modern approach Paula Polk Lillard.  

How to raise an amazing child – the Montessori way by Tim Seldin  

Primary Montessori education -Montessori print shop  

Montessori pink reading Series by Montessori global 

South African Montessori Association (SAMA) Montessori Curriculum 3 – 6 yr. 

Therefore, as Prepared Montessori Adults, our task is to be prepared and prepare our child, their environment for the future success of the child to be independent, responsible, and helpful citizens in the future. The tools we give them set them up for success.  

For more about the steps and various content I share with my son follow me on Instagram for specific and daily updates. In my next blog post I will be sharing with you the Montessori environment and shelfy inspiration.

More from MrsChettyLife: read about why we Montessori here:  

montessori prepared adult

Cheers MrsChettyLife.  


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