Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy Cravings

Oh the joys of pregnancy. My first pregnancy craving was avocados. I hate avocados by the way. I craved Fournos Bakery chocolate crossaints, mild Nandos chicken, bream fish, watermelons, mangoes, peaches, granadilla, meat, salty staff, fruit smoothie, cow legs, maize, shawarmas, sour sweets, ice lollies, cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon and pineapples.

I hated cheese and burgers. I also hated the smell of burning incense sticks. I couldn’t stomach fish and hated the smell afterwards.

I cried because I got the wrong flavoured icecream.

I know a friend who craved ate boiled cabbage her whole pregnancy. Here is a complied list of pregnancy cravings (some are weird) from real moms in my mom groups.

Disclaimer just because you crave something doesn’t mean you can have it. Please eat healthy and safe for your little ones.

Apples and milkshake
artificial strawberry. ?
Baby formula
Bagels and Cream Cheese!
Baking soda
banana milk
BBQ sauce on Mac n Cheese
Bean & cheese burritos
Beef pies and lemon
Bleach, ice, orange scented everything
Blocks of cheese and baby pickles.
breakfast sandwiches, citrus fruits and orange juice
Bubble gum ice cream and coke icees
Captain crunch…and now I can’t even stand the smell of it
caramels with sweet chilli sauce
Cereal and grapes
cheerios with vanilla ice cream and my wierdest yet, but still hella good, Peanutbutter Bologna and mayo sandwhich on seeded rye bread. ?????
Cheese balls and turkey subs
cheese dip. And Berry colossal crunch. Use that cheese as your milk ?? oops
Cheeseburgers from McDonalds ? 
Cheesy potatoes or loaded potatoes
Cheetos dipped in mustard
Chicken, coffee, spaghetti
Chilli cheese chips & chocolate milk
Chocolate. 2nd pregnancy…..Chocolate. 4th pregnancy…..anything healthy. 5th pregnancy……sweets.
Cocktail sauce 
corn bread lol.
Corn chips! Ice! M&m w peanuts
corn starch and noodles
Cornflakes with custard
cottage cheese and strawberries – still love it 🙂
Cottage cheese mixed with bran cereal and cinnamon
Dirt, and spray paint lmao. 
Disha Mack Raspberry flavored stuff (which I normally hate)
Egg rolls!!!!
feta stuffed olives
fish sticks and French fries.
Freeze pops, ate thousands of those
French toast 
Frozen berry pops, ice, fruit, fully loaded french fries, cereal
Fruit and ice water with my son
Fruit, McDonald parfait, Big Macs, pickles
Fruity flavored stuff such as cherries or strawberry milk
glazed Krispy kremes
Grapefruit! I ate 2-3 a day for a while.
Greek olives
Greek salad wrap with extra pepperoncini
Green beans with bacon
Gum!! ??
Gummy worms and orange soda
himalayan salt and chocolate milk ?
Hot dogs and bacon (I was vegetarian!)
Hot sauce soy sauce vinegar
I craved the smell of new crocs, Never wanted to eat it but was obsessed with the smell.
Ice and chewing on towels?
Ice Cream sandwiches
ice, chewy sweets and anything spicy 
Ice, milk, oranges and queso
Jalapeño Cheetos with peanut butter
Jalapeno chips with spinach dip
Jalapeños especially pickled or stuffed with cream cheese
Kale. I ate kale every meal for months
Ketchup chips and snickers for my daughter
krispy kreme donuts
Lemon wedges
Lemons! I would peel them like an orange lol and chocolate milk with ice! If it didn’t have ice I didn’t want it
Lime popsicles ??‍♀️
M&M mcflurries
Macaroni and cheese. Had to be Kraft singles in the cup, not boxed.
Mashed potatoes with gravy and chocolate pudding….together?
Mc donalds fries dipped in ice cream
McDonald’s hash browns and spaghetti were my favorites.
popcorn and orange juice had to have it together. My second was mint chocolate chip milkshake. My third was those red and blue slushys . My fourth was anything fruity and my fruit had to be cold .
Milk and cottage cheese
Milk, gummy bears, berries, beef
Miso soup and Belgian waffles (not together)
Mustard and onions?
My daughter was fruit, especially raspberries!! All that I could use!
My first baby : ice cream, pot stickers, captain crunch, milk, cantaloupe. 
My second one: ice, pickles and chocolate.
My weirdest one was orange juice with BBQ chips. Usually just fruit and veggies and diet Coke were my major ones.
nacho cheese Doritos dipped in whipped cream cheese ?
nacho Doritos dipped in cottage cheese
noodle bowls. Haven’t had one since giving birth ?
Nutella and Pretzel sticks
Olives and jalapeño chips
Onion rings with honey mustard
oranges each time lol. Anything orange lol. Mind u with my 1st i did have a salmon and mushypea sarnie was soo lush ? went off meat but fish was a hit everytime x
Oranges in my first trimester with my son. Literally crate fulls!! Couldn’t get enough ??
Peanut butter and banana sandwiches, jalapeño wetzel pretzel ?, I loved all sorts of fruit and ate a whole bag of oranges in one sitting.
peanut butter and salt & vinegar crisps 
Perogies & Black Licorice
Pickled beetroot ??‍♀️ can’t stand the thought of it now ?
Pineapple I dreamed Wal-Mart had a huge box full of pineapples already sliced and I jumped in it and pretty much bathed in it as well as eating it too lol
Pink Grapefruit! Don’t fancy them when not pregnant but with pregnancy could get enough of them. It was a mouth watering craving
Plain rice with soy sauce ?
Polynesian sauce from Chick-Fil-A on everythiiiiing
potato skins and McChickens and McDonald’s fries 
POTATOES and steamed broccoli lol
Pringles dipped in ice cream.
pure orange juice
Raisin Bran
Raw hamburger meat (no I did not indulge ?)
Reese CAke an salsa both pregnancies
Refried beans with lots of cheese and redhot
rice crispy treats.
Rice Krispy treats & salsa (yes, together) 
salt and vinegar chips dipped in chicken broth, with my second it was frozen Coca-Cola and the ramen noodle flavor packets, and with my third and final it was chocolate and fresh green beans
Salt and vinegar chips, chocolate ice cream, cucumbers with vinegar oil and salt
salty meat
Sausage egg and cheese McMuffin from McDonald’s and pineapple mango smoothies lol not weird I guess but it was serious. Peanut butter and butter on toast was everything too
Savoy cabbage & mayo
Scrambled eggs with lots of catchup
Smoke oysters in a can with crackers and hot sauce
Sonic ocean water
Soup!!! Hot, salty soup!! Any kind for my son??? 
sour candy
Sour cream and onion chips dipped in vanilla ice cream
Sour cream(right out the tub with a spoon), French fries, spicy Cheetos/cheese its in dipped in sour cream, chocolate. Lol I was kinda all over
sour punch straws and cereal. 
spicy and any meat dipped in maple syrup
Spicy Doritos ?‍♀️
Spicy foods
Steak! Lots and Lots!
Steamed shrimp and veggies
Strangest combo would be Apples dipped in Balsamic vinegar with my son. I didn’t really crave weird things just things I never eat! I was basically vegetarian but craved Meat with my first pregnancy and I craved spicy food with my second which was super odd as I’ve always had a low tolerance to spice I don’t really eat it
Strawberries and watermelon
Strawberry fluff with sunflower seeds and dill pickles together
sunny D and kit-kat chunkys
Taco Bell and slushees
Tacos, cereal, and Texas Roadhouse rolls
This pregnancy I ate so many gyros 
Tomatoes .. in every way! Spaghetti, cherry tomatoes, tomato sandwiches (bread, mayo tomato, salt), etc.?
tomatoes and peanut butter
Tomatoes with vinegar and blueberry pancakes ( separately though loool )
Tuna sandwich with saracha sauce
Washing powder, snow/ice and cucumbers
Wendy’s sweet n sour sauce
Whoppers from BK
Windham Hunter Wood ?
With my first I craved fruity alcohol drinks, didnt have them obviously. Second was ice, ate ice alllllll day everyday. With both, I ate a lot of Taco Bell but i just love it so not sure if it was a craving or just used pregnancy as an excuse to eat it all the time lol

What is your pregnancy craving?

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January 15, 2019 at 8:27 pm

That’s quite a list!!! I ate Rice Krispies and cheese

January 16, 2019 at 5:21 pm

I didnt have any cravings with my second pregnancy but craved birthday cake with my first!

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