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Non toxic (plastic-free) July: Beauty, Bedroom, Baby, Clothing, Gifting

Looking for plastic-free shops doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are many products we can get that are zero waste, plastic-free and sustainable from our normal grocery and clothing stores.

non-toxic july

You may research online about the company who made the product for more info. Sometimes online deliveries may take long. If we urgently need something, we can go to our local grocery stores.

Search online first so you won’t be disappointed, write down plastic-free, sustainable companies and go purchase.

Your favourite eco-friendly companies have stockists that you can visit, and some are your local grocery and clothing stores.

Don’t believe me? Go have a look on the website.

I also observed that green, no plastic products might be a bit pricier but are worth it. Because when you buy products that don’t last long, the money you spend replacing them adds up and results in more. If you spend wisely on good products they last you a lifetime.

If we compare pricing especially when buying in bulk I realize it works out cheaper. For example, a 2kg packet of washing powder is R65 and a 5kg packet is R100. Add a R35 and get twice the amount. I’d rather go for more quantity. ‘Lockdown’ made me do it. 😅😊

But for organic and natural foods, it’s best to go to the source.

Plastic-free in the bedroom:

plastic-free bedroom

Bedding: Opt for bamboo, linen, wool, cotton (natural fibers).

Paintings and deco can be homemade with natural products. Pinterest has great ideas on how to make deco from products in and around your home including sticks, leaves etc. You and Your children may make lovely deco. Otherwise plastic free alternatives for deco would do just fine.

Bedside cabinets and Beds: opt for pine or bamboo. Pine is a strong wood and lasts longer.

Eco-friendly clothing and avoiding plastic material. Avoid nylon and polyester. Go for natural fibres such as cotton, linen, bamboo, etc.

Mattress: wool, cotton, bamboo has great benefits for sleep. (Click on the link at the bottom of the article to read about mattresses that are not natural).



I am also proud of Mr Price Home, even though they are not entirely green nor plastic free it’s a positive step to making a better environment and I hope they don’t stop there. They are also selling products in recycled plastic and glass and source locally.

Woolworths, Cotton On are already on that vibe. PnP clothing has a recycling station. These stores source plastic-free and sustainable clothing, home, and bedroom products.

Plastic-free Beauty products:

natural beauty

Lip balms: use natural lip balms in glass jar. Remember we lick our lips often and it’s easy entry for toxins into our systems. Take care of your lips naturally. These Natural lip balms by Econest will give a natural shine and helps soothe dry lips.

Facial soap and cleanser: you may use solid castile soap, soap bars, black African soap that are not individually wrapped in plastic. Castile soap is vegetable based, gentle and suitable for all skin types.

Facial masks include using fruits, bentonite clay, sugar, honey, lemon juice and or herbs for your skin. Essential oils are also a great addition. You may use the individually or look up creative recipes you can try.

Wipes: use biodegradable wipes or cloth wipes. And fabric or cotton face wipes or rounds.

Cleanser: A good cleanser recipe is ½ cup castile soap, 1 cup water, wipes and 2 drops of essential oils. Mix the liquid part first and stack wipes in a glass jar. You may add aloe vera too.

Eyeliner and mascara: bentonite clay, coconut oil, activated charcoal, aloe vera and olive oil do the trick.

Ear buds: there is an option for reusable earbuds.

Beard, hair, massage, bath oils: use natural oils in glass bottles.

Body balm, lotion bars opt for natural, raw body butters and balms that come in glass jar for a longer shelf life.

Safety Razor instead of disposable ones.

Deodorant: opt for natural deodorant from good reputable natural brands. I struggle with sweaty armpits. One secret my mom gave me is to use bicarbonate of soda to give my armpits a good cleanse.

I rub it onto my armpits, leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off in the shower. Doing this every two months to remove excess sweat, smells and build-up. I feel bicarbonate of soda is harsh to be used everyday.

Moisturizer: I find vegetable glycerine a great moisturizer and primer. It is advisable to mix with a little water. Aloe vera is a good alternative.

Blush and eye shadow: bentonite clay or arrowroot powder mixed with mica powder, shea butter, coconut oil or cacao powder for a change in colour.

Foundation: natural cacao powder, arrowroot powder, corn-starch, vegetable glycerine and or essential oils and a carrier oil etc

Baby products:

plastic-free baby

Eco baby nappies and diapers

Plastic free toys.

Plastic-free products:

Outdoors, traveling and in the car:

travel kit

Say no to straws.

Carry your own cutlery and doggie bags.

Avoid bubble gum, because its plastic. That’s why we cant swallow but spit it out.

Don’t forget your Zero waste kit.

Don’t throw trash away, there’s no one to clean up after you. So plastic will most likely end up polluting.

Replace your disposable coffee mugs with a reusable one.

Avoid bottled water in plastic bottles. Carry your own water. It stays cooler in stainless steel.

Plastic-free gifting:
plastic-free gifting

Wrapping paper, you may repurpose old good looking cloths, brown Kraft or recycled paper. Instead of using Sellotape, use ribbon or twine. Get creative with the things already in your house.

Homemade non plastic gifts such as potpourri, natural candles etc.

Crotchet or knitted goodies are also a great idea. Shawls, binnies (head socks), mug holders, hot water bottle holders etc.

Miscellaneous Plastic-free:

Wardrobes and Cupboards: natural wood like bamboo and pine. If you are brave enough glass works well too.

non-toxic july

Electronics: choose second hand but in good condition because a lot of machinery, and bad gas is used to make new electronics that pollute the air. New electronics are covered in lots if plastic for protection.

Phone cases: Yes, they are made from plastic too! Opt for silicone, bamboo or recycled material. If you are like me, you have a stash of plastic phone cases just lying around because we saw another pretty cover and it’s most unlikely we will use them again. We can only use one cover at a time. DIY those covers and repurpose them.

Stationery from Recycled material paper, bamboo, pine or stainless-steel ruler, sharpeners, etc. Typo strives to be plastic-free and zero waste stationary, deco, and gifts etc.

Additional Comments:

There is a great pine shop at Pine@14th. The shop smells amazing.

Dischem has a whole section for natural and plastic-free, also recycled plastic. I found bamboo cutlery at cheap prices.

When it comes to sustainability, I prefer to buy local. Because you may be able to go to the place of production and watch them make your product.

Or you may ask questions about their source and they may be able to guide, inform and show you. Most sustainable companies are open about their policies and production. Plus, there is less shipment and less gas pollution when transporting local. Some products depreciate value and nutrients the longer they travel.


I provide personal opinions, resources, tools, and my experiences with essential oils. The writings on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a registered physician. Discuss your health concerns with your paediatrician nor doctor.

MrsChettyLife is in no way associated nor affiliated with these companies. Everything mentioned here can be found on the website. Do your own thorough research. Do a patch test and Discontinue use if an allergic reaction occurs.  


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Happy plastic free living, MrsChettyLife.


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