App: Planner and Productivity apps

App: Planner and Productivity apps all moms, business women and momprenuers should use.

A sequel to Productivity as a Mom. Here are helpful apps that I use every day that help me stay organized daily, functioning, and uplifted. I use the free version for them all (except YouTube Music Premium).

PlanPad: I use this app for note taking and for daily brain dump. As well as for quick blog drafts on the go. I use it a lot as a list taker, for grocery shopping and many other daily lists I write.  

Later is my scheduling app for social media. I also use through Later that allows me to add many links to my Instagram bio.


Photoshop Express for cropping my images and adding a few light touches (when I feel like😊).  For those not so worthy Insta pictures. I can also make collages.

On YouTube, I watch Montessori at Home videos, photography tips, easy how-to, planning videos (my most recent is how to make a digital planner and other Mom staff. I am on YouTube Music Premium where I can listen to music offline, download videos.

On Premium, the music does not switch off when my phone locks. I also play music throughout the day and can skip as many songs as I want. YouTube music just knows me and recommends nice songs for me. I pay about R70 per month. Music helps me keep productive and remain focused.

Emails: I subscribe to the blogs that speak to me for content, how-to, inspiration and for Montessori downloads. Interior design, motivation, bible, and scriptures etc. My emails keep me going.

My Downloads: Just like emails. I also have some good planners in there somewhere.

FiiNote is my comprehensive planning and blogging app. I write full blog posts, gather info, add pictures, organize etc. It allows me to add as many words as I want to.


Planning App

WhatsApp is my interaction site. I added myself as a contact and send myself plans, lists, ideas, quick to-do’s, and important things I should remember.

Canva is my blog and social media must have. I use it for a lot of things that I even wrote a blog post about what you can do with the Canva app. Along with Adobe Spark.

Bible app sends me scriptures for the day and can log in for comprehensive reading.

Adobe acrobat is my PDF reader. I can download PDF files and open them on my phone. Microsoft lens converts normal files and photos in PDF. I simply scan photos and or file on my phone and save as PDF.

notepad, mobile phone, notebook

Organization App

Word is my comprehensive blog planner. I write my drafts and edit them for blog use. I do not use any complicated software for this. When I am done writing, I simply copy and paste into my WordPress blog page, add pictures, and publish.

I like that ‘Word’ automatically saves my draft (even when my laptop accidentally shuts down) and I can access it from the Cloud on my phone as well.  Word also gives me a word count.

Microsoft Excel is for lists and planning, tables, and organization. I like to make lists for Nathans schoolwork and print out as labels too. I also use labels for my handmade business.

Mompreneur App

Blogs, Google, Pinterest and Instagram search is my go-to for inspiration, blog topics, business ideas and set up, flea market booth ideas and set up, lots of Montessori ideas, random posts, mom things, healthy living etc. It is a great search platform and directs me to much information I need and blogs.

I love to google everything and use it to prove myself right 😊. Stupid questions are thrown in on google as well. There is always something to google about in my day.

Apps for the momprenuer

Canon Camera connect, HP Smart and HP Print apps for my camera. They connect my phone to my camera and the printer to my phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. That gives me instant access to my photos. I use the printer for lots of other printing needs.

EskomSePush: if you stay in South Africa, you know about load shedding. This app lets me know when there is going to be load shedding so that I can prepare in advance. Well, at least I try to.

Ever had a tune ringing in your head but you do not remember the song? Or you listened to a song but do not know the title of it? Shazam is the app that lets me know the title of a song. It listens to the tune or a few parts of the song and gives you the title. Shazam is for all music lovers.

Most Used App

OneDrive is the cloud that saves all my documents from my laptop and my pc. I do not have to transfer anything when I switch phones or laptops or when I purchase something new (gadget). I simply log into my OneDrive account and view all my photos, contacts, emails, messages even my downloads.

The Bump, my toddler app, extremely helpful as a mom to a toddler. It also lets me know of any new developments in my son. There are many apps for pregnancy and baby but less for toddlers. I have had the Bump app since pregnancy.

Kidloland is my sons educational app.


Inspirational Movie:

Jane the virgin: my favourite binge watching on Netflix now. Its all about love, family and what is important in life. Plus, she is a writer too. I like the dramatic telenovel setting.

I hope these apps will add some value to your day-to-day life.

Cheers MrsChettyLife. Follow me on Instagram for daily updates.

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