Top 11 blogging tips for the new blogger.

Top 11 blogging tips for the new blogger. My Top blogging tips Heres a small list of essentials for the new blogger. What will you need as a new blog? How do you find your way? 1. Discover your niche. You may have a look at the post link below to figure this out: finding-your-niche 2. Write long blog posts with more 300 words per post. Google thinks you are more valuable when your posts are longer. Thus ranking higher[Read more]

Sites for image creation

29 SITES FOR IMAGE CREATION FOR THE SMART BLOGGER. SITES FOR IMAGE CREATION Are you looking for images for your blog? Did you know that there are plenty sites where you can make your own image for your blog and social media? Most of them are free and give free options. You can edit some of these pictures as well to make them suit your brand. Having your brand stands you out and causes recognition in your clients eyes. A[Read more]

What does a blogger do?

What does a blogger do? Blogging is not just about blogging. I learnt this as soon as I began to blog. There are lots of other things involved and you need to have knowledge of. Especially if you are doing it on your own. I quickly learned many terms when blogging and I’m still learning.. This is my list of what I found out: BEING A BLOGGER MEANS TO always have a pen and paper to write down random ideas[Read more]

6 Strategies To Finding Your Niche.

6 Strategies To Finding Your Niche. What is a niche? From my understanding and research: A niche is something that you identify yourself with, are good at and passionate about that brings you money and is valuable to other people. It is the main purpose and representation of your blog. What is the Purpose of a niche? It solves a problem other people can relate to. Brings income to your blog. Helps with SEO as search engines will know which[Read more]

First Time Mother

Ramblings from a First Time Mother. Nathaniel is growing. He is 5+ months, 23 weeks and 5 days to be exact. I can see a bit of his personality. He doesn’t like to be ignored. He is strong. He is strong-willed. If he wants something it’s hard to change his mind. He doesn’t like his toys but likes mummy’s toys (cell phone and laptop). He understands ‘hi’ ‘bath’, ‘eat’, ‘let’s go’, ‘daddy’ ‘mama’ ‘kiss’, ‘change your diaper’, ‘cry’ ‘papu (baby[Read more]

Shattered Pieces

Shattered Pieces I accidentally broke the full length mirror today. We have had it for about 2 years. You should have seen the mess it made with all the small scattered pieces everywhere. The loud heck of a noise it made as it fell. Luckily my son was safely in bed fast asleep and no one was hurt. My heart fell. I kinda grew attached to this mirror. Earlier during the year when hubby had traveled I wrote a little[Read more]

Top Music videos

Top Music videos This is my Top Twenty Music Videos I’m listening to right now. Ave Maria – Beyonce This song I have dedicated to my son, Nathaniel. Mom Loves you. Show Me Your Money – B1 Don’t lead me on – T Bwoy ft T Sean – This song talks about a guy who loves a girl but she is leading him on. She friend-zones him but still calls on him when she needs it. He sings don’t[Read more]

Top salty household hacks

TOP HOUSEHOLD SALTY HACKS!! Apart from adding flavour to your food. Did you know that salt is actually more useful than most people think. Here is a list of things you can do with salt in the house. My top salty hacks. Beauty Hacks An exfoliation Massage As a Natural Dandruff Scalp Treatment Lip Plumper and Scrub Natural Mouthwash  Balancing Oil Production Facial Mask / Toner Rejuvenating Scrub Relaxing Salt Bath Teeth Whitener Nail Brightening Treatment Top Salty hacks as a[Read more]

Reasons To Become A SAHM

Reasons To Become A SAHM When my son was born I knew from the start that I wanted to be a SAHM. I fell in love with him so deeply and this decision was an easy one. My husband told me to think through it during the months I was on maternity leave and we will talk about it again. 3 months into my maternity leave I still stuck with my decision. We looked into our finances. Asked for advice[Read more]


Overwhelmed SAHM The other day, I posted in my Stay At Home Mom group. I just feel so tired, exhausted, drained and finished. I was wondering if this is normal. Is being a SAHM so darn hard? I only have one boy. He is 5 and a half months. How do people with more than one feel and manage? My body seems to be failing me. The little irritating aches and pains are getting to me. Somehow through it when[Read more]