20 ideas for your next blog post idea that will go viral.

Are you stuck in a rant? Going through writers / bloggers block? Here are some wonderful places to get your next viral blog post ideas. Holiday inspiration: Mother’s Day is coming soon. Write about that. Whatever holidays are near. Google about when the holidays are, print that cheat sheet and stick it up where you can see it or where your work desk is. This helps when scheduling posts as well. Birthdays, functions and events are worth writing about. Social[Read more]

Essential oils 101

The most useful guide to essential oils you will need. Essential oils 101. Comprehensive guide to essential oils Essential oils are one thing I heard about a lot but never bothered to try. My sister in law bought us Camphor essential Oil, Eucalyptus essential oil and mustard essential oil. I use eucalyptus oil to deodorize the air and cleaning. My interest for essential oils then grew. I love how I use a small drop of eucalyptus essential oil and that[Read more]

My birth story

happy birthday

My birth story Happy birthday Nathaniel. Sitting here in the hospital for the third time this 3rd trimester, the IV in my arm hurts and is uncomfortable. I watch as the colorless mixture runs cold into my blood. The Foetal Doppler is connected to my belly. I sit in silence listening to his heartbeat. I always look forward to listening to his heartbeat. I have been having contractions since last night. I went to bed quite late. Woke up at[Read more]

The best Marriage Advice: First year of marriage.

This is my and my husbands’ first year of marriage. We turned a year on the 14th of April. Ending up of #anniversarymonth. I would love to share some advice on things I have learned. It takes effort, love, patience and forgiveness to build a marriage. I am grateful that God kept us through. Long post ahead but worth the read. A marriage is like a farm. It needs constant care. You must water, dig, plant and weed it before[Read more]

Creative ways to DIY empty glass purity bottles.

Creative ways to DIY empty glass purity bottles. Got a whole stack of purity bottles and you don’t know what to do with them? I do. I wash and dry them then put them under the sink. Use this creative list to keep your precious items and recycle these gems. Nails: My husband works in construction. We have nails laying around everywhere. These bottles are good to store nails. Lotion on the go: Carry lotion in your bag. Are you[Read more]

How to prepare for baby as a FTM

Be prepared-ish with these things for baby during your pregnancy Rest: Its important that you rest. When your baby comes you won’t be able to catch a lot of snoozes. You will miss these free days you have. Rest as much as you can. Find an excuse to. Buy baby essentials: Begin buying these essentials as soon as you hear you are pregnant. Baby stuff is expensive. You will need stocks of different sized diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, bath products,[Read more]

Diaper bag essentials for a 10 month old.

Diaper bag essentials for a 10 month old. What you need for a 10-month-old when leaving the house. I must warn you before going any further that I might overpack a little. I am one who believes better have it and not use it than not have it and need it. You need a diaper bag of course, along with the other necessities: diapers, wipes, bum cream, changing mat and bibs. Other things you will need are: Baby blanket: The[Read more]

4 steps to heal and love yourself again.

4 steps to heal and love yourself again. Dear old me, I know you have done, seen, said and been through much. I forgive you for that. I forgive everyone who done much to me too. I am stepping up, shaking off the dirty laundry and moving forward in wholeness, truth and healing. You will not hold me back any longer. I choose to let go and move on to a better me. Cheers NEW ME! Step 1. Forgive yourself:[Read more]

Canva tools and features

Canva tools and features Reasons to use Canva for your editing needs. As a blogger, you may have heard or come across Canva. Canva is a great content creation and designing tool that helps you create social media images, documents and paper content. It makes amateur designs look professional. Disclaimer: I am not marketing Canva. I am simply sharing a how to guide on this amazing app I discovered. All this while I thought Canva was only to be used[Read more]

Fresh smelling house

How to keep your house smelling fresh Carpets: carpets easily build up dirt and start to smell. Vacuum carpets 4 times a week, lightly brush them with soapy water if you don’t have time for a deep scrub. Open the windows and doors for air, clean spills immediately. You can use vinegar and baking soda to get rid of smells. Pour some vinegar, baking soda and warm water to a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the carpet, aerate the[Read more]