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No plastic (plastic-free) July: Laundry, Shopping, Cleaning

In honor of Plastic Free July, Herewith a series of plastic alternatives for your home. Be sure to stay tuned for more alternatives. The key to living with no plastic is implementing mindful decisions about the products that you allow into your home, and how to safely dispose of these products when they reach the end of the lifestyle.

no plastic july

As well as valuing what you have and creatively reusing them especially plastic in our homes. Everything is a resource especially when grocery shopping, using storage equipment, when cleaning and even the meals we create.

I strive to help others create eco-friendly nests for a better life and a better planet. It is important to focus on the things that we can change. As well as looking for better solutions and making the change. Living with no plastic is an idea, a goal to work towards, and a benefiting journey to walk through.

Please note that this is NOT a sponsored post but purely informational.

No plastic in your Grocery Shopping:

plastic free shopping

Pre-cycle by rethinking what comes into your home. Plan and carry your kit and your shopping list. It is a wise idea to invest in a

Zero Waste (No Plastic) Grocery shopping kit:
•glass or plastic containers with lids of various sizes.
•Large Natural Produce cloth or grocery bags
•String bags
•Silicone Ziploc bags
•Reusable glass bottles or mason jars for soups and 100% juices
•Beeswax wraps
•Stainless steel tins
•Fabric bags for dried goods
•Mesh bags for veggies and fruit
•Breathable material for bread
•Long Glass jars for wet products such vinegars, virgin oils, soaps
• Glass Spice jars

no plastic

Buy food from bulk bins where you can fill up your own reusable bags with pasta, rice, grain, etc. such as

Remember that you do not have to buy this kit. Use what you have in your home. As well as making your own by sewing. You may look up recipes on YouTube and Pinterest on how to make your own baggies. Get creative as well and use pringles packets for our pasta or rice.

Typo has straws, eco-bottles, bags, cutlery travel sets

FreshBag has a range of grocery bags to choose from

If you opt to buy search for online stores that sell glass bottles that are cheaper in bulk.

If you cannot access a bulk store you may look for products in glass, cardboard, or paper instead of plastic in your regular store. Some regular stores are offering the option of no plastic on your meat products, fruits and veggies too.

In the bathroom:

no plastic bathroom

Zero waste shampoo and conditioner: I love this Zero Bar. The one from Beautiful Earth contains added benefits of essential oils:

Sponges or loofah: Sustainable granted me with these body sponges made from coconut fibers. It is great for exfoliating and giving a good scrub on the body.

Silicone Bathroom mats and bathroom mats made from pure or natural fibers.

Opt for cotton or bamboo towels, or any made from natural fibers. They are softer and good for delicate skin. I make sure to purchase these for my son too.

Scrubbing brush and Toilet Brush: bamboo is a better alternative. Faithful to nature offers good natural scrubbing brushes.

Toothbrush (bamboo), Toothpaste, Floss, Shower Curtains should have no plastic in them too.

Wooden and bamboo Combs and hairbrush are a good alternative.  

Plastic free Laundry room:

plastic free laundry

Bamboo washing baskets, or ones made from recycled plastic.

Drying line outside or a wooden drying rack.

Dryer wools and sheets can be made from the lint we collect from the washing machine.

Laundry soap and conditioner: I love this gel from Triple Orange: it contains fabric softener so I don’t need to add some. And it smelled divinely of oranges during and after the wash. I also love this one from Better Earth. Not forgetting Green Worx:

Pegs: These stainless steel pegs I received from Sustainable, last me a while, they don’t mess nor crease my clothes and they hold on longer. It has been very windy the last couple of weeks with the cold front we have been experiencing but my clothes have stayed intact on the line.

Cleaning Products (Zero-waste Cleaning):
no plastic cleaning

Cleaners that come in recycled plastic bottles. Better Earth uses recycled bottles:

Skip unnecessary packaging that come individually wrapped.

DIY Some Cleaning Products. Pinterest has many options, try some and use what work for you.

Opt for a solid Dish soap instead of a liquid in plastic containers.

Did you know that the sponges we use for washing dishes are plastic? Sustainable granted me with these dish sponges made from coconut fibers. They scoured and scrubbed so good and last me long. I still have and use the one I was given.

Tile cleaner, Wood cleaner, Toilet cleaner, Disinfecting spray: good options from Better Earth . I love the toilet cleaner. My toilet was sparkling clean. Green Worx has efficient cleaning products

Scouring Scrubs: I make my own scouring scrub:

Shower cleaner: Green Worx bathroom cleaner did wonders on my tiled bathroom and shower floor.  

Soap scum remover, Stain removers: Green Worx All-purpose Degreaser worked like a charm. It removed my sons crayon marks on my wardrobe.

All-purpose sprays and gels: I love this one that is made from orange oil. I used it on floors, soap scum, dishes etc. Green Worx has great all-purpose cleaners too.

Natural oxygenated bleach: West pack offers OxiClean which I like.

Natural Air Freshener, Candles, Diffusers, Potpourii:  

Microwaves: vinegar and lemons or lemon essential oil does the trick. Place in a bowl and pop in the microwave. Warm for 30 seconds and wipe the microwave immediately with a microfiber cloth.

Don’t forget about using and finding natural (no plastic) cleaners for Counter-tops, Ovens, Furniture polish, carpets and windows.

Read on how to get rid of plastic in the general home and kitchen here:

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Therefore, Download your Zero Waste Grocery Shopping Kit List:

Plastic-free July: avoiding plastics in Laundry, cleaning shopping and a plastic-free shopping list free download

I have a full section on my blog for local eco-friendly companies in South Africa, I will continue to update this page:

And I began my own company for eco-friendly body, beauty and home products:

Faithful to Nature has a vast majority of good eco-friendly products.

I found this an interesting read

Cheers happy plastic living, MrsChettyLife.


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