New Year Preparations

New Year Preparations – Part 1

New Year Preparations: It’s almost 2020, I did a post concluding my 2019 . Now I am onto greater things for the future after our wonderful holidays. Here is a comprehensive list of how we can prepare for the new year. It has been split into 2 parts because this list is beneficial. Look out for part 2 next Tuesday, same time, same place.

new year preparations

For our holiday season new year preparations, we should:


Decluttering gets rid of old unnecessary things (some may probably may not be working well). It gives a breath of fresh air as there will be more air circulating the room and more room for movement. Additionally, when you declutter, it helps a house look tidy and clean. Friends and family will be visiting.  It is more welcoming and advisable to keep your house tidy.

Decluttering reveals areas that need to be attended to and cleaned. Rather than mold and mildew building up in a hidden place. It’s a good idea to start decluttering during the holidays as you have more free time on your hands. And who knows what the new year might bring? Be it a new baby or husband or a job we would like these possibilities to come home to a clean house.

Save – saving apps:

save for the new year

Holidays are times when we tend to spend more. Sometimes we receive bonuses or gifts, we are at home often and boredom strikes. We visit friends and family. Holidays are also the best time to save. With that little extra bonus from work or family, we should put some away for the new year.

The first two to three months I find to be the quiet and people are the most broke or have no funds. We spend like there is no tomorrow and find ourselves in a predicament in the new year. So as much as we are spending let us save. We can invest in cash back apps, that give us cash back as we save.

 A good South African saving app is SNAPnSAVE . As I spend on groceries, I book and claim, I am given a certain amount of money back. Don’t forget to keep receipts. Receipts also help during tax season. Whatever way works best for you, whether its through investments, cash back apps, fixed accounts.

As well as a safe at the bank, savings accounts, giving someone else the card for keeps sake (someone you trust and is reliable). You can also go old school and keep money under your bed. As long as your money is safe and saved. Keep money away in a place you won’t touch until necessary and need.

By the way if you keep in a fixed account remember to add a withdrawal date immediately for the near future. They are usually fixed for 3 to 6 months or more. For example, if you save in November, add a withdrawal date immediately then the money will reflect in February when you need it.


rest for the new year

After a busy year, wind down with rest. Spoil yourself with a massage, some essential oils, bath bombs, foot scrubs etc. Let your body and mind relax, find peace and solemnity. Prepare for the new year ahead. Besides at the end of the year we are cranky, tired and sore. Grab your relaxation essentials at our online store Econest .

Durable gifts:

The festive season is a common season for gift giving. I have learnt to give gifts differently. Especially with long lasting and durable gifts. We remember and cherish memories, time spent and given and presence. People do not always need tangible toys. That burst or break within days easily forgotten.

The best gift is felt by the heart. These are the gifts of love, joy, laughter, time, happiness and forgiveness etc. Give something from your heart that someone can frequently use and remember you when they do. It is important to teach a child that there is more to gift giving than just toys.

Handmade gifts are also a wonderful idea. It is cheaper and heartfelt. Every minute spent on a handmade gift is sentimental and made from the heart.

Catching up on laundry:

new year preparations

Do you also have a corner section in the room with a basket overflowing with laundry? Laundry is the most unforgiving, never ending job. The holiday season should be laundry catch up time. You will need extra clean clothes for your holidays by the way.

What a vision to do all laundry, go away for holidays and come home to a clean house ‘glories’ and the only laundry you will do is holiday clothes. Your new year will thank you. Check out this handy guide on laundry.

Family Time:

As I spoke on durable gifts, presence is the best gift. Holidays are usually time to bond with the family. We get so busy and engrossed in various activities during the year. We tend to forget one of the most important things, family time.

Put your gadgets away, clear your mind from work. Be present in the moment and give your children your undivided attention. Let your loved ones know they are still highly valued and appreciated enough for you to give them your presence. Read here on steps to take to be present in the moment.

Leave your failures behind:

We often beat ourselves down when we fail. But failure is an essential part of our lives. Because without it, we will not be able to see our weaknesses and build on them. Making us better people. The new year is a new journey, a bright shining star with many opportunities.

Do not let these opportunities pass us by because we are too busy dwelling on the mistake. The failure is a big red sign distracting us from the green door left ajar to countless opportunities. Leave your failures of the old year behind and start afresh in the new year, new hope, new possibilities.

Failures are teaching and learning opportunities. If you cannot go down any further, the only way is up. Dust yourself and make yourself better. Learn from mistakes and failures, leave them behind and move forward.

Realistic New Year Preparations Resolutions:

new year resolutions

Are you like me who used to write down a ridiculously long list of expectations for the new year. Come March and half the list has been broken or not done. Making us feel like failures and going through the same cycle of disappointments. Break the cycle now. Read this post on realistic, unburdening new year resolutions.

Traveling:Preparing for the holidays includes lots of travel. Children (especially toddlers) have a short concentration span and easily become irritable. Ease your burden of traveling with these tips: Road Trip Survival hacks, Keep your toddler occupied with Toddler busy box, Use this travel app to help you plan your next trip : top reasons to use Travelstart/.

Don’t forget to switch off your electricity, geyser and close any running taps. If possible switch off from the main switch.

More on our Holiday Season New Year Preparations:

Flexibility and Patience:

Kids are out of school, husband is home, we had a long year. We have nothing to do. We begin to irritate one another and loose our patience. Kids are not listening. The hotel is over or double booked. Your wonderful plans have been destroyed for whatever reason. The holidays come with a pressure.

Life never goes as planned. Be flexible with your plans. Have patience with yourselves and everyone else. Find a good thing in chaos. It will all work out in the end, even if it turns out different from your plans. Make a bad moment joyful by singing and being flexible. Patience pays. If one thing doesn’t work out, make the best of another.

Life, home and vehicle insurance:

insurance for the new year

Many people are traveling and doing stupid things in the name of being festive. You may be extra careful but a drunken someone slams into you. It was a few years ago just at the beginning of December, my father’s car was slammed into by a lady blindly following her friends. Most companies were closed for the holidays.

It was a big nightmare, we didn’t have transport for our holidays and a lot of plans where cancelled. If you don’t have insurance, it is even worse. Prepare for life insurance and vehicle insurance. If something happens to you, what will happen to your children?

Don’t forget to write your will. Life is too short. Whatever you do, don’t drink and drive, be safe so that other people will be safe too. Home and valuables insurance incase something happens to your home while you are gone.


After speaking on decluttering, you will have left over things with no place. This is where purging plays its part. You may give as gifts to family or strangers. Do a garage sale or sell on Facebook Market. Give to someone who wants and needs it.

Purging includes digital (cleaning out old photos, unused apps and downloads), unsubscribing from subscriptions we no longer need or have outgrown, friendships (cleaning out fake friends, takers and friends we have outgrown), work (cleaning out our work-spaces or cleaning work out and staying at home), nests etc. Purging makes our spaces clear and clean. Giving us fresh start for the new year.


Not only child safety but personal, travel and home safety. Carry a travel first aid kit. Add some turmeric and essential oils for added first aid benefits. Be safe on the roads. Keep your belongings locked away safely wherever you will be staying.

Some people are not trustworthy. And keep your loved ones close. There are sure to be crowds of people and child kidnapping is common. Beware of scammers especially during holiday season.

Essential Oils: Essentials oils are good for traveling, help to keep you relaxed and put you in the right mood for festivity. Using these essential oils to boost the respiratory system.


Be wise, be safe, save for the new year, purge and clean out all unwanted things. This is how you should prepare for the new year by preparing for the holidays as the first step. New Year Preparations part 1.

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new year preparations

Cheers happy preparing, MrsChettyLife.

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