new year preparations

New Year Preparations

New Year Prep (preparations): Part 2.

New Year Preparations: It’s almost 2020, I did a post concluding my 2019-in-a-wrap . Now I am onto greater things for the future after our wonderful holidays.

Here is a comprehensive list of how we can prepare for the new year. It has been split into 2 parts because this list is beneficial. Read part 1 here.

For the New Year Prep (preparations), we will need:

new year prep

Love and gratitude:

Above all else love conquers all. Developing an attitude of gratitude helps us see the good in bad and helps us to keep going forward when we can’t handle it. It reminds us of good times and gives us hope. This post explains it all: reasons to be thankful ,

Self-love, care and acceptance:

Read here to understand why self-care is very important self care as a SAHM.

These curated steps will help you fall in love with yourself again 4 steps to heal.

A healthy loving relationship with yourself needs constant love and care like any other relationship. Why should you cultivate that relationship with yourself?

Forgiveness is a step to healing. When you forgive you forgive for yourself. So that the burning coils you feel on your heart will be eased.

Building bridges:

If possible and worth it, making bridges with essential people in your life. Leave those unnecessary heart eating grudges behind.

Make a difference:

make a difference

What will you do different in this new year? What ways will you stand out positively and help? One way would be through eco-living and cleaning. This would help with the environment.


Joy is different from happiness because happiness only lasts a moment. Joy comes from the inside no matter the season or the weather if you have joy inside you life will be brighter and easier and happier.

Nothing will come in your way. New year preparations make a conscious decision to be joyful in the new year and see and feel the difference. random smiles

Eco-cleaning with essential oils top essential oils for green cleaning

Unconventional uses of vinegar, baking soda and citrus peels household cleaning hack.

Prepare your house with my easy daily cleaning routine my daily cleaning routine.

Green cleaning with essential oils: top essential oils for green cleaning.

How to keep your house smelling fresh and clean fresh-smelling-house.

Eco-living by using natural butters, salts and waxes natural-butters-salts-and-waxes.

Reducing your footprint on the environment by reducing single plastic use green-plastic-free.

Natural pesticides especially for ants.

Clever uses of salt in the household (nest) top-salty-household-hacks.

green cleaning

More New Year Prep (preparations):

Moving to a new house to rent? choosing-a-house-to-rent
Motivational Podcasts and blog posts.

Start your new year feeling good, well rested and motivated:  working-in-silence

Don’t give up keep-your-head-up.

Guide to pursing your dreams in the new year pursuing-your-dreams.

One reason to be alive today, especially in the new year a-reason-to-live.

Positivity – self positive talk:

new year prep

You are your own cheerleader. You will always have you. Learn these ways to talk positively about yourself:  teaching-yourself-positive-affirmations.

Blogging ideas: your-next-viral-blog-post.

This app I use for my blog photos and pictures (editing) canva-tools-and-features.

Business ideas you may think of starting in the new year. I realized nowadays one or two salaries are not enough. Think of having a side gig that brings in any amount constantly. With little startup money (costs).

Who knows maybe one day your business will pick up to a point where you can leave that dead-end job you don’t really like? Giving you flexibility and more family time.  essential oil products

new year planning

Whether you use home binder, journals, yearly calendars, schedules for planning. Get your planning tools ready and begin on a fresh page for the new year.

 Write down important dates to remember like birthdays, immunizations, doctor visits, holidays, school holidays, parent-teacher dates and other important dates.

Schedule week and daily meal plans. Write down important passwords and pins if you easily forget like I do. Continue planning in ways that work best for you.

Pregnant moms:

Preparing for your new born with these handy tips. Pregnancy apps kept me in track of everything because pregnancy brain is real. reasons to download pregnancy apps today.

 My top pregnancy tips:

top 26 pregnancy tips.

As well as for the First Time Moms: prepare for baby as a FTM

How to use essential oils on babies: (with caution) ,

Baby massage and the ins and outside of calming a fussy baby including a how to baby massage. how to calm a fussy baby

Understanding a baby growth spurt and what to expect including apps to use that will inform you when your baby is going through a growth spurt.  baby growth spurt.

Signs your unspeaking baby loves you too. show love to your baby.

Essential and practical life lessons I learnt from being a mother (my baby taught me).


 6 to 10+ months old baby:
new year prep

Teething blues: soothe your teething baby

Reusing and recycling glass purity bottles:

creative ways to DIY empty glass purity bottles/

Baby bag essentials for your 10-month-old especially on the go.

Baby first Christmas ideas

New Year Prep (preparations) through:

Healthy living and eating:

Even with yummy goodies during holiday season. It is a good idea to try and eat healthy. Bond with family by cooking up a storm with homemade foods where possible.

Eating whole and natural foods that are packed with essential ingredients: natural powder. Hey if you don’t want to clean up afterwards use paper plates and cups. Those are a major help in my house.

Not forgetting to prepare for the New Year by:

Pantry full:

Begin to buy intangible goods for the house and school year. Save by buying when things are on discount such as black Friday and cyber Monday and other clearance sales.

Canned foods, snacks, cleaning equipment, laundry detergents, tissue and other products with a longer expiry date. Remember to check that the expiry dates are well into the new year. In our home, we prefer to buy in bulk and keep for a rainy day (days when we are low on funds).

Immune boosting:

Don’t forget to carry essential medication when traveling. When your immune system is down, you are more likely to catch whatever disease is flying around. Therefore, boost your immune system with these simple tips: natural immune support.

Find out from travel agencies if you need to prepare medically before traveling. For example, if you are traveling to a malaria prone country you might be required to take anti-malarial pills a week before traveling.

Seasonal Prep:
seasonal prep

Changes of seasons may require additional prep. If you or your household has allergies, keep a first aid kit near. Spring time may cause pollen allergies or flying insects like bee and wasp stings. Prepare according to the season you are entering.

Winter lotions for sensitive skin. Prepare for any specific and individual challenges one faces during seasonal change.

Adjust your expectancy by being open and flexible to change. We cannot plan out life. It always has twists and turns which we should leave enough room for in our hearts and lives.

As much as we plan, we should leave some room for changes, disappointments and less expectations. Being a major planner mom, I learnt this the hard way.

Age appropriate gadgets and other essential gadgets for school and others.

I mentioned earlier to begin buying intangible goods early. Gadgets is one thing that can be expensive. Grab your essentials during discount days to ease on the burden next year.

As we conclude:

Holiday and New year prep (preparations) don’t have to be burdensome. I sure hope my two-part series on new year preparations has been helpful to you. I have learnt much as I was putting this series in order. As I write, I learn and get things organized. I wish you happy new year preparations. Remember to read part 1 Holiday edition here: new-year-preparations.

Thank you for reading and following this far. I look forward to next years’ learning and interaction. Let’s build an empire of eco-friendly nests, one home at a time.

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In conclusion: Be wise, be safe, save for the new year, purge and clean out all unwanted things. This is how you should prepare for the new year. New Year Prep (preparations) part 2. Happy New Year!

new year prep


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Cheers Happy preparations, MrsChettyLife. Econest.


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