Natural Journey (An honest update)

Natural Journey to EcoMom.

An honest update on my journey to natural.

natural ecomom

Since Covid_19 hit us, I haven’t been truly faithful to zero waste. The first few months of last year under lockdown, where a bit hard because zero waste products are expensive.

Along with limited money and fear of meeting people and traveling as well as lockdown, plus the uncertainties of what to use (the insistent use of more than 60% alcohol), my zero-waste journey came to a pause.

Months on, I have been doing small things and I have made a few more changes since my last post here: Remember every bit you do counts.

I have been concentrating on our Montessori journey with my son. Reading books and trying different activities for Montessori at Home. Montessori highlights the use of natural materials and activities.

This is one of the reasons that attracted me to it. I have also been practicing buying natural toys for my son. I try my best to use the best for my son and natural only.

My Natural Journey:

natural journey

We just came out of summer, summer brings lots of bugs such as ants, mosquitoes etc. My son has been bitten a lot with mosquitoes. I refused to use convenient chemicals on my son for bugs and mosquitoes. I used the Simply Bee Antiseptic balm for the mosquito bites. My son would scratch the mosquito bites raw till they bled and scarred. Until we used this balm. 😊

 I found a good Mosquito spray in Dischem called Anti-Mozzie Body Spray (plant-based mosquito repellent with citronella, no deet and baby safe). Dischem offers a body spray and a room spray. Mosquitoes have never touched my son since I got this spray.

Speaking of bugs, I also light citronella candles to keep them away.

I have been using a DIY Vinegar spray with essential oils for general disinfecting and cleaning. I also do a vinegar rinse for smelly socks and damp towels.



I stumbled upon the Astonish cleaners. Though they are not locally made I like them. They are eco-friendly, never been tested on animals, and vegan. They are good cleaners and smell nice. I bought them from the Spar near me, but they can also be bought online.

I struggle to feed my son healthy meals. He is very particular about what he eats. And prefers junk food to healthy food. I have been striving to feed him healthy food.

As well as trying a healthy Trail mix with dried banana, fruits, nuts and popcorn to encourage healthy snacking. I also pack my fridge with fruits, fresh and dried. (my son loves fruit but not veggies).

I am trying out Organic gardening in my back yard. My friend relocated and gave me some veggies and herbs to start my organic gardening journey. Still wrapping my head around it. I will update as I go. But for starters I have spinach, basil, tomatoes, chillies, lemon verbena and some spring onions. I’ll probably plant more.

And I am also trying composting. I learned that I should compost fruits, vegetables, dairy products, unbleached paper napkins, coffee filters, eggshells, meats and newspaper.


Adding grass, manure, sawdust, yard waste, dried leaves and woody materials to the compost heap. Facebook groups for organic at home gardening have been a great help. As well as Pinterest.

I love shopping from Food Lovers Market, they have fresh produce and specials from time to time. Even though they are not completely plastic free, a lot of their products are loosely packed or in paper bags. They purchase directly from farmers.

I use natural Room mist and a natural diffuser that I get from Econest.

Birds rely on us for food. I noticed during lockdown no one is going out and leaving bits of food for them. In the area we stay we have lots of trees and birds.

My son and I leave some peas out for the birds. A lot of them come for just the few we leave out. Please consider the birds next time you go out. Remember we are all part of an ecosystem that needs to work.

For my Natural Hair journey:

I use Aunt Jackies shampoo and conditioner (which I get from clicks) and Econest Hair oils for a natural hair oil bath. As well as body balm, lip balm and bath salts.

I air dry laundry outside on the line.

Roadblocks on my natural Journey:

Pricing of natural alternatives is always high. The upside is that they last longer.

Finding green alternatives especially in South Africa. I have to do a large search online and online costs come with delivery costs that are sometimes high. When I research online most green companies are overseas.

Planning on continuing to pile on my list and will do a blog post on green alternatives in South Africa. I am hoping to be a good resource on MrsChettyLife. Green living is not so common in SA. But things are changing I believe.

Green Living

Green alternatives that work as effectively as conventional ones. I am struggling to replace toothpaste (I have sensitive teeth, so I use a specific one), bleach (oxygenated bleach is not as strong), menstrual pads

Lack of a physical support group from people who live my kind of lifestyle. Which I find online sometimes. Facebook Groups encourage me.

Getting other people on board with natural living.

Green alternatives work slower sometimes than conventional ones.

Another thing is green washing (when a company poses as green when its not actually green). Which I am overcoming through lots of research on natural products.

How to make your DIY Vinegar Spray:

This is a multipurpose spray that cleans as well as disinfects. Vinegar should not be used on porous surfaces and it acts as a bleach (acidic). If uncertain, do a small patch test.

1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide (I get mine from Dischem)

2 cups Vinegar

15 to 30 drops Essential Oils (Tea tree, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Pine and / or Orange)

Fill with Distilled Water

Walk with me on my journey to EcoMom (Natural Journey), follow me on Instagram for daily updates, inspiration and more.  

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Cheers MrsChettyLife.

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