Natural oils and butters for Natural hair

Natural oils and butters for Natural hair: What are Natural Hair Natural Butters and Oils?

They are hair oils and butters that are extracted from nuts, seeds and fruits. They are also known as raw / organic / virgin / extra virgin / cold pressed oils.

My natural hair

Argan Oil is packed with essential fatty acids and greatly conditioning. It makes coarse and brittle hair manageable. Argan Oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Prevents dryness. It is moisturizing and nourishing to hair and scalp. Rich in natural polyphenols and Vitamin E that promotes healthy hair. It is also a good anti-dandruff treatment.

argan oil

Avocado Oil / Butter is a rich butter.

It contains Vitamins A, B, C and E, protein, potassium and antioxidants. It is a great absorbent and promotes hair growth. Soothes irritated skin and leaves the skin, scalp and hair feeling soft and revived. It serves as a rich, thick and nourishing oil. Containing emollient properties that make hair feel softer, smoother and healthier. Avocado oil is often used to prevent hair breakage and repair damaged hair.

avocado natural oil

Cocoa Butter is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Highly moisturizing and emollient properties. It nourishes, moisturizes, hydrates and protects hair and scalp.

cocoa butter

Cupuacu Butter is lightweight and moisturizes the skin for a longer time, thus causing deep penetration into the scalp and hair. Has antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties, omega fatty acids, Vitamins A, B, and C, amino acids and calcium.

cupuacu butter

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

promotes hair growth. Loaded with nutrients, Vitamins E & K , healthy fatty acids and antioxidants that protect, heal and soothe the scalp. It nourishes dry, cracked and itchy scalps. As well as moisturizing to the scalp and hair. It tames wild hair and treats dandruff. Contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Jamaican Castor Oil maintains the hydration and elasticity of scalp, skin and hair. There as stimulating hair growth and is used in treating hair loss. As well as being rich in Ricinoleic acid and Omega-9 and Omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that protect the scalp from infections. It is also deeply penetrating and conditioning. Ricinoleic Acid is known to strengthen and thicken hair.

natural oil

Jojoba Oil

treats dandruff, dry, hair loss and itchy scalp. It contains essential fatty acids and is great for moisturizing. Containing almost all of the vitamins and minerals essentially needed for healthy hair and skin. It is good for almost all skin types and sensitive skin. Works well for heat damaged hair. It improves the appearance of hair. Containing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which keep hair clean and healthy. It also promotes hair growth.

natural oil

Kokum Butter has lots of essential fatty acids. Kokum butter melts slightly at contact with the skin making it a good moisturizer for the scalp and hair. It has antioxidant properties, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Ideal for damaged and sensitive skin. Kokum butter has healing properties as well as nourishing to the scalp and hair.

natural butter: kokum

Mango Butter contains Vitamins A, E and C, antioxidants and emollient properties. It hydrates and balance skin, antiaging and complexion. Works wonders on skin and hair. Mango butter is extracted from the mango kernel. Great for insect bites, poison ivy, frostbite and damaged hair.

natural butter: mango
Shea butter

has anti-inflammatory properties. And rich is essential omega fatty acids. Antioxidants nurture skin and acts as a natural defense against sun damage. Soothes dry and cracked scalp and hair. It softens hair and soothes itch and dandruff. A natural moisturizer and wonderful sealant. Contains Vitamins A, E and F. Shea butter is my favorite.

natural butter: shea butter

Sweet Almond Oil is hydrating and nourishing to the scalp and hair. It is a light sealant for hair. Sweet Almond Oil is used treating dry and sun-damaged hair and scalp. As well as boosting the growth of thick, soft, and shiny hair. It is rich in nutrients Vitamin K and essential B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6, and folate. It has high levels of omega-6 fatty acids. Minerals calcium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium are present. Good for treating dandruff.

sweet almond oil

Virgin Coconut oil is strengthening and moisturizing to hair and scalp. It helps repair damaged as well as dry scalp and frizzy hair. Virgin Coconut oil is loaded with lauric acid which is a good fat. It promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. Virgin Coconut Oil is a wonderful dandruff fighter, a natural detangler and straightener. It has a long shelf life of more than 2 years if stored well.

Natural oil: coconut oil

Buy from a trusted local source, maybe a farm area as well.

Be sure to use with caution and avoid if known or allergies strike. Such as avoid Sweet Almond Oil if allergic to nuts.   

Why Use Natural Butters and Oils?

Natural Oils and Butters are in their raw / organic / virgin / cold pressed state. Have undergone little to no processing which means the added benefits of oils and butters and vitamins have not been killed by processing.

They are universal and multipurpose. (used as moisturizers, hair rescues, hair thickeners, dandruff treatments and conditioners.)  

You can use them on most skin types, for baking and cooking as well.

Virgin Oils can also be used as body oils, I add them to my handmade body butters.

They have no added chemicals that is added during farming or harvesting. We are using nature at its best.

Natural Oils and Butters are great massage oils.

natural oils
How to use them in your routine.

Add a few drops of natural butter and oil to your conditioner as a sealant.

Use as a natural hair pomade when scalp and hair is dry.

Apply natural butter and oil to the ends of damp hair before blow-drying/styling as a protectant.

Massaging the natural butter and oil into your dry hair. Cover with a silk cloth as an oil bath. Proceed with shampooing or rinsing with cold water.

Protect the hairline and ends when hair is braided or weaved by oiling. You can put the natural oil in a squeeze bottle for hard to reach places.

Use as a great leave-in conditioner and treatment.

Great for taming stray baby hairs. Rub into your palm and tame.

natural butters

How to store Natural Butters and Oils for a longer shelf life

Storing them in a dark, glass bottle prolongs shelf life.

In a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Closing the lid tightly after use.

Remove a little from jar, place the little in a double boiler and warm if hard.

Use clean, dry utensils to scoop out a little instead of using the whole jar. Or break off a piece of butter. Use in small potions at a time.

Where to buy Natural Butters and Oils?

Some Online Green Grocery Stores:

Farmers Markets

Read More about Natural Butters here:

In conclusion, using natural oils and butters in their raw form has added benefits, nutrients and minerals for hair. Cheers, happy oiling 



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