Becoming a first time-mother

Becoming a first time-mother

is life changing.

My boy is 6 months today.

In celebration of my 6 month old baby. I made a round-up post of all posts on motherhood, since pregnancy all the way to 6 months. He was born on 2nd may, 2018. Time has flown so quickly, it is unbelievable.

It all starts with getting pregnant. The feelings of joy and overwhelm hit you. I felt and constantly worried that I didn’t know what I was doing. I have a younger sister and a younger brother who I spent lots of time with when he was 3 months to 3 years. But that is different. This child will be mine forever. I’ll look after him or her but I can’t take the baby back to her or his mother.

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12 weeks pregnancy

These felt like some big shoes I was putting on. A lot of people felt I was not ready and wanted to tell me what to do. If you ask me, there is a big difference in maturity from I was then and who I am now. I feel motherhood begins when pregnant. Expect the unexpected but prepare as much as you can for the expected. Begin with wipes, bum cream and diapers in bulk different sizes. I recommend you begin buying the necessary things as soon as you hear you are pregnant. You can read this list of newborn must haves: must-haves-for-baby

Motherhood changes you in many ways.

You make drastic changes. I quit my job to stay at home with my baby. The changes might be different for you. But be prepared to have less time for yourself and less spending money. I used to love shopping for clothes for me. Nowadays when I go to a shop my first section is the baby section. I unconsciously do that.

Motherhood introduces you to a new notch of love. I swear I have not loved like this.  It teaches you to multitask. A skill my husband fails to master. I’m usually doing three to four things at once. Right now I’m taking care of Nathaniel, cleaning my room and blogging. Theres some lovely music playing in the background. My life is not about me anymore. It’s about keeping this little one safe and sound. Only a mother understands the joy of seeing someone else’s poop  Especially when s/he has been uncomfortable for three days.

I learn each day as I go.

My son teaches me a lot about myself that I didn’t know. Motherly instinct kicks in and you just know what is best for your baby. Plus you gain this reflex that keeps your child safe. There is a lot of diverse teaching when it comes to raising a child. Trust your instinct. You know your child best. If not research from trusted sources. Read on things I’ve learned from motherhood here: top-lessons-iv-learned-from-motherhood


Being a first time mother for the first time is a little rough in the beginning.

For me it took a while to adjust. First recovering from a c section which is like a fourth trimester. You have this little being who relies on you for everything but won’t tell you what’s wrong. Well she or he does with a scream. You learn his or her types of cries. He or she also has to learn being outside the womb and a whole new world. We struggled with breastfeeding for a while so that’s another thing you learn.

When I was pregnant I worried that I would squash this tiny little one. My baby was 2.7kg when he was born so that’s pretty tiny. You should watch her or his head because the neck is weak. But when baby is born remember motherly instinct? Yes that plays in and you know what to do. Yes you will get a few lessons. My hospital taught me to bathe my baby. I stayed with my mother for the first month too. She taught me lots of things. Your baby is a big attention seeker.

Your baby doesn’t care for fancy things. As long as He or she is well, feed, safe growing, clothed, clean and entertained as time goes by, that’s all that matters. Your baby loves you. You are his or her world for a long time coming.

Join Facebook mom groups, blogs, connect with other moms, download pregnancy and baby apps.

The wonder weeks app is a useful tool. Read and research from trusted sources. Don’t be afraid to ask. If you feel something is wrong don’t be scared. Trust your instinct and go to the doctor. Better safe than sorry.

Don’t worry about the method of giving birth. Whether you give birth naturally or via c section all that matters is mother and baby are safe. I was so sad that I couldn’t give birth naturally. I was set on it. Expect the unexpected. Don’t beat yourself too hard when your expected doesn’t happen. Pregnancy and childbirth is unpredictable. Also Don’t worry about whether or not your child can breastfeed. All that’s matters is your child is fed.

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Motherhood is a very special thing. A gift from God. You have lots to learn and experiences to share. I am here to listen if you would like to chat. Hit reply and we can get talking. You will make it. You are doing a wonderful job. Enjoy every moment with your baby, it wont come again and time flies. Get someone to help you with cleaning. Ask for help. Take a break. Take each day as it comes.

In conclusion I would like to congratulate you on this journey you are embarking called motherhood. Happy 6 month Nathaniel. Mommy and daddy love you too much. You are growing big and strong.

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