Montessori Sandpaper letters DIY

Montessori Sandpaper letters DIY
How to make Montessori Sandpaper letters DIY

The most “Montessori” thing you can do for your child is to be a gentle guide: following their interests, supporting their learning, setting appropriate limits, and showing them love and respect.

What you will need:

• Letters A to Z in capital or small letters
•Crayon or chalk for tracing onto sandpaper.
• Supawood (we used 3mm) or any wooden planks you have available. We used leftovers from my husbands’ job. Cardboard is also something you can use.
•Newspaper or an old cloth to cover your work area.
•Paint brushes or anything that will assist you in applying wood to the letters.
•Wood glue
•You may add glitter (if you have) to the cutout sandpaper letters

The making process (Montessori Sandpaper Letters):

Cover your working area with newspaper or an old cloth.
Write down letters A to Z on the sandpaper. You may also use templates that you may download them online or your free hand. We did capital letters.
Sand your wooden planks (supawood) to make it a bit rough and hold longer when sticking the letters on.
Cut out the letters on the sandpaper. Don’t forget to measure the size of the letters onto the wooden planks before cutting.
Glue the letters using the paint brushes and wood glue onto the planks. You may also use a hot glue gun, but I felt that was unsafe for my toddler to use.
You can also color the letters in to bring in a variety of color.

Clever ways to use Montessori Sandpaper letters:

Arrange in Alphabetical order.
Learn sounds.
Find the letter.
Learn what each letter looks like.
Trace the letters.
Write the letters.
I spy.
Matching game. (Small letters and big letters or letters and an object).

The takeaway:

I made it a crafting experience and I made an observation that when my son is involved in making something, he appreciates it more.
Montessori is educational but can be quite expensive to purchase. I am learning to DIY a lot of things. These were things we already had at home, so I did not spend any money.
Templates are a good idea for the letters unless you are really good at free hand and cutting, I struggled with this. And the letters are not the same size if you are OCD.
The wooden planks are more durable than paper. And my son can hold them comfortably in his small hands.
We are using the sense of touch and practical learning.
They also teach him how to steady his hand for writing.
Montessori method using sandpaper engages visual, auditory and tactile senses.

In conclusion: I enjoyed making the Montessori Sandpaper letters with my son and daughter. It was lots of work but worth it and much cheaper than buying them.
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