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Introducing this Mom platform!! (insert drum roll) As a first time mom and as a sahm, I always look for the best products for my son. Since pregnancy, I always google information and ask other moms. I joined many Facebook mom groups looking for advice and a way to connect with other moms. Finally I came across MomSays.

mom says

It is South African owned and based mom platform.

It is a platform that showcases tried and tested South African products from real moms. Good way to go local. I signed up for this wonderful review center and I am not disappointed. It is free. All you have to do is review and read other mom reviews. Its like my own personal mom based google.

MomSays launches innovative new data platform in SA

MomSays has launched their new website, and it’s the platform that moms and brands across the country have been waiting for. 

MomSays is a unique resource for moms who are looking for unbiased, trusted advice from other moms regarding the best product solutions for their families. And before you brush this aside as ‘just mommy talk’, consider this:

  • 60% of the 18 million female consumers in SA are the primary buyers in their households.
  • 65% of moms trust what other moms buy in the retail market.
  • 83% of new moms are millennial’s of which 46% trust the recommendation of other parents above any other channels.

According to global trends and research company Nielsen,

“ first-time moms tend to be unsure about the delivery and reliability of products. They rely on trusted advisors for product recommendations and become averse to trying new products, unless otherwise advised. Brands therefore have a short window of time to capture and retain their trust and loyalty”.

With this clear need for reliable information in the market, MomSays has created a data analytics platform that helps brands engage with new moms by utilising the collective knowledge of 1000’s of experienced moms in South Africa. MomSays creates opportunities for companies to effectively engage with this influential demographic in a way that produces results.

Depending on the product or brand, MomSays makes use of its extensive network of influential moms to facilitate product testing, brand events, exposure, panel discussions and social media activation’s. (Amazing idea, ain’t it?)

MomSays gets this influential network to interact with – and talk about –brands and products across various platforms.

According to Sureshnie Rider’s, local radio presenter and MC,

As a Mum, I wish I had a portal like MomSays when I started out my Motherhood journey! This is a tribe of women who help you navigate the tricky roads you might find yourself on when you’re trying to get the right products and items for your little one. This site will save you time which becomes super limited as a new parent and it will help you save because parenthood is expensive! Congrats guys! I’m in love with your tribe!”.

About MomSays and Mompreneurs

In addition to product information, MomSays also provides a platform for Mompreneurs to connect, collaborate and network with each other.

Mom tribes are quickly becoming the most powerful form of personalised marketing in the industry because it is authentic. The fast-growing MomSays ‘tribe’ is a network of mompreneurs who support and collaborate to create an industry of strong, successful moms who all have significant influence in their respective circles.

What makes this such a fascinating enterprise is the variety of businesses that are being created by mompreneurs. These range from product blogs to coding and start-ups in the financial sector.

With a platform giving them a voice and connecting them with relevant brands, the MomSays tribe is set bolster the buying power of moms in SA and revolutionise the way brands approach them.

Take a look at our quick explainer video that puts it all in perspective.

About MomSays founder, Shanèy Vijendranath

Shanèy Vijendranath is a wife, mom of three and an innovative businesswoman. She is the co-founder of the award-winning parenting blog – You, Baby and I – and is the Chapter Lead for SoGal Johannesburg.


We gotta stick together as moms. This is a wonderful mom platform. See you there. Visit

Cheers MrsChettyLife.

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