Mom Hacks Series

Mom Hacks Series.

I began a trend on Instagram called Mom Hacks Series. I post about surviving motherhood.
Let’s learn together on easy, tried and true tips, hacks, tricks and everything you will need for survival in this battlefield called Motherhood.

Mom tips

With a side dash on green living with essential oils, marriage, motivation, all things baby and toddler.

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You may add your own #momhacks or comment, like and share on mine. Remember motherhood shouldn’t be lonely.
Join us as a tribe: Mom Hacks Series.

Whether it’s googling for ideas or Pinterest, Instagram or asking fellow moms. A shoulder to cry on and share those quirky mom events. Let’s connect.

Here are some #momhacks that will interest you. (A sneak peak on #momhacksseries)

Mom hacks

Tips on how to get your wriggly toddler to sit still during diaper changes:

A detailed how to clean your carpets:

An easy way to hand wash your beddings without taking them to dry cleaners:

Best ways to clean your microwave:

This wonderful smelling and effective multipurpose and multi-surface green cleaner:

What you need in your life saving diaper caddy:

And how to keep your baby wet wipes wet:

I’d love to add in a personal note to the mommy who let us go first into the changing room at Monte casino because she noticed we were in desperate need. ? We had a major blow out and she was ahead of us. Thank you and I salute you.

A few Instamoms who I follow for inspiration, support, ideas and insta-friendship:

Mom hacks series

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In conclusion: Thank you for reading and I hope to see you for these Mom Hacks Series over on Instagram:

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