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Go the extra mile and support a local sustainable business.

Why should you buy local?

It reduces the distance your products travel to reach you. There as reducing the amount of emissions that vehicles produce.

It reduces your carbon footprint.

Produce is fresh for longer. It has not been stored for long periods of time in a warehouse (or under storage).

You can visit your local practice, question them, and see how they sustainably manufacture your products. Giving you more knowledge on products that you can have more control over what you bring into your homes.

Local companies are generally small businesses and they hardly use complex machinery for their products. Machinery that produce waste and air pollution that affect the environment.

Local companies produce in smaller batches that means less labour, less electricity, and less use of natural limited resources.

You improve the circulation of finance in the economy. Allowing less international buying and local production.

When you buy local,

a greater portion of your money is then used on local purchases from other businesses, service providers, and farms within the area. There as further strengthening the economic base of the whole community.

Local production gives us more accountability and better service delivery. There is a person behind the product that you may encourage or criticize.

Local businesses are more likely to employ residents and host local events as well as contribute to local charities. This also helps strengthen the economy especially in local communities.

When we buy from local sustainable farmers our food is most likely more organic, free from chemicals, good for the environment as we rotate farming the soil is good and better for us and the environment.

We also obtain good benefits such free range eggs from chickens and fresh milk from animals raised on the small-scale farm. People on small scale farms are used and not heavy machinery.

Sustainable Small business in South Africa:

Econest Natural Products is a woman owned natural and eco-friendly online store that handcrafts body, beauty, cleaning, and home products to help you make ethical and sustainable choices while keeping your home free from toxins and chemicals.

Dy Organics is a natural handmade skincare brand that believes in the conscious health of peoples skin and the environment. All their ingredients are locally sourced to support other natural businesses. They are chemical free, cruelty free and are made in small batches to ensure freshness.

Betty Blue Bird products is a woman owned business that hand makes natural skincare products in small batches by appointment to the nation.

Msulwa Life is a company that is bringing together products that are pure (no chemicals), innocent (not tested on animals) and clean (does not harm the environment).

First for Earth SA is a South African store that produces a range of bamboo products that are eco-friendly for you and your family.

Community Food Gardens is an initiative based in East London that is focusing on empowering communities through self-sustaining gardens that use principals of permaculture and synergistic landscaping.

The Kind Cart focus on bringing their customers eco-friendly, cruelty free and vegan alternatives to everyday household products. All their products are strictly sourced from South African businesses. They aim to make customers lives easier by offering amazing South African products in one convenient platform. Saving them time as well as money in courier costs.

Nourish Time is a female owned company that sells bath bombs. Enjoy momentary bliss, with their wide variety of bath bombs or little effervescent explosions of delightfulness.

Other sustainable companies:

Go Greenish SA a small local South African Business owned by a woman. All bath and body products are natural, cruelty free, sustainably sourced to support other natural businesses. We produce only in small batches to ensure freshness for all our products.

Knoop Cotton is a company that hand makes baby and home décor made from natural cotton macramé that includes plant hangers, headboards, wall hangers etc.

The Vegan Chef is a proudly South African vegan food manufacturer.

Naturally Me is a small business located in Cape Town who offer both retail and wholesale skincare and haircare products. All products are locally manufactured. They make use of PET plastic for the shampoo and conditioner sets. They also offer clients a refill option on all products to ensure that they reduce waste.

Echo Naturals is a company that makes beauty bars that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. All the soaps are made with essential oils and natural ingredients.

Odd Pod Simply Solved focuses on raising sustainable families, from guiding parents on their weaning journey, to replacing the many single use items that come with having children. They solve those problems, simply.

Planet Klean produces eco-friendly products which are budget friendly and a must have for sustainable living. It is owned and run by a female environmentalist who also uses the platform to create awareness around environmental issues and ways around them.

How to support a local small business without spending money:

Like their page.

Comment on their posts.

Leave a 5-star review on social media and website.

View their products and website for attraction.

Share their posts.

Do not ask for freebies or discounts.

Give a shout out on social media or website or write a blog post about them.

If you have the skills such as website creation, photography, packaging, marketing strategies, help with deliveries, help them for free.

Recommend them to your friends and family.

Encourage them and speak honestly but kindly to them about the business (with permission from them).

When you have some cash, buy from them.

Join their Facebook group.

Comment below how we can support local sustainable businesses.

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Read further on more benefits of local buying:

A Facebook group with recommendations on South African Sustainable Small Business where businesses can market themselves and find other sustainable businesses:

In conclusion: remember to do your own research and do a patch test before using a product. The benefits of shopping local create a big sustainable impact on our environment and reduce our carbon footprint. Read our disclaimer page here:

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