live in the moment

Live in the moment

live in the moment as a mother when:

Chores are piling up!

Tasks are waiting on your to-do list!

Errands are haunting your door!

Children are beckoning your call!

live in the moment2

Let’s face it. Being a mother is tough. There are too many hats to wear: Nurse, teacher, punisher, chauffeur, chef, cleaner, mediator, lost things finder, motivational speaker, cheer leader, strong one, mind reader, referee, playmate, wife, friend, mood booster, lawyer, sports coach, super hero, fastest runner, sleepwalker, party planner, adventure planner and executioner, wise guru, patient one, boredom killer, ATM, bath giver, counsellor, automatic reflex(or), machine moving never get tired mom.


But yet, when it’s time to relax

and enjoy the moment our minds won’t let us. SIGH!

It’s a never-ending cycle. I amaze myself at how I am still functioning and going forward. It is hard at the end of it all to be present. When was the last time you just lived and breathed in the moment? When nothing but the moment mattered.

No plans for the future, no regrets of the past, no worries of today just celebrate the now. What am I talking about? What moment? Yes, it seems far-fetched, I don’t remember a time when that occurred. It has probably been years, like years. We forget and tend to live in overdrive but like a car we will eventually burn out and overheat faster when we live this way. We tend to become angry, shout a lot and irritable mommy and wife. A happy mommy and wife is a happy home.

I am not talking about self-care, I already spoke about that here: and here: I am speaking of living. Real living, celebrating every moment in your life as it comes, living in the now, enjoying the present, relishing in the hugs, kisses, smiles, laughter, joy and the deep emotions that come with them. Not remembering them and missing them.

Why is it important to live in the moment?

Its simply because every second in everyday counts. We can’t turn back the clock and do it again. The moments fly by never to come back again. Yes, soak in all the good and all the bad, because its better living than not, better good and constructive arguing than burning inside in silence, (silence shows and reflects giving up and not caring). Life is an operation room, every second and every stitch counts. It’s a life or death situation.

Once done, it cannot be undone. Once spoken, words cannot be unspoken. Words ring in our heads over and over. Once 2nd August 2019 is gone there will never be another 2nd August 2019. Even though something similar may happen, it will not be exactly the same. Like identical twins, they may look strikingly similar but are not the same person even though somethings they do may be similar.

How do we live in the moment as a mother?

Switch off social media and electronics for a few minutes especially when something wonderful is happening. The brain never forgets.

Plan your day making sure to add a few minutes to do nothing.

Make deliberate effort to listen, to play, to relax, to switch off and enjoy the present.

Relax, take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel the wonderful feelings around you. Sometimes feeling is better and gives deeper meaning than anything else. We may forget the smell or the sound or what it looked like but its harder to forget how we felt in such a profound moment.

As your child needs your attention, give them attention whole heartedly. Your child will be young once.  

Practice self-care to reduce your impatience and irritability.

Overwhelm life when life gets overwhelming.

Look at the positive and practice positive affirmations.

Have faith, hope for the best.

Celebrate your wins, small, big, loud or silent, be your own cheerleader and celebrate how far you have come.

When the stress and worries of tomorrow try to suck you in, stop them. Distract yourself with music, or yoga, meditation, prayer, fitness whatever rocks your boat. Everyday has enough stress of its own.

I write things down in my journal, my mind becomes at ease and I can tackle the most important things first. It also helps me not to forget them.

Cut yourself some slack, set realistic goals and be patient with yourself. Most times we overbear ourselves and beat ourselves down when we can’t achieve them. Start small and work your way up. It takes commitment to change.

Begin your day with difficult tasks and work your way to easy tasks.
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Love and live.

Pray in the moment, a short prayer makes a huge difference.

Count to ten when your patience is running low, and your anger meter is running on high. Step away from the temptation for a few minutes so that you can recollect yourself.

Choose a different strategy when the strategy you have been trying is clearly not working.

Make deliberate effort to relax when its time to relax. Sleep when they sleep, they say, it means that make time for you to relax and that time is usually when the children sleep.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Embrace and be content with what you have. You have no idea what wolves are hiding beneath other peoples sheep clothing.

live in the moment

In Conclusion: remember that when you live in the moment benefits you because then you realize that your life messed up as it is, is actually ok and worth living. You will begin to see and appreciate everything you have and pass through. Appreciation of every moment comes easy and the persons in your life that make the moment. Treasure these moments and this life we live. And lastly do your very best all the time.

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  1. Love this post! It’s so important to live in the moment not to worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow and not stress about what happen yesterday. When I don’t live in the moment I tend to feel a lot more anxiety such a great read, thank you!

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