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Our children are the future. Their minds absorb information and skills so quickly like a sponge they soak up information, environmental cues and experiences. 

They are always eager to learn, explore and solve. They spend lot of time with toys. We should aim to create an inducive environment for our children to thrive.

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By implementing strategic play with educational, sustainable and long lasting toys is carving way to sustainable thinkers. 

By tapping and magnifying the inner greater ability of children with great educational toys. Little Amber Rabbit has just the thing. 

Little Amber Rabbit is an Online Toy Store that was created to provide a range of quality toys that children really engage with, learn from and get inspired by. 

Encouraging children to play in their own manner, explore their ideas and always be curious about the world around them is a wonderful way to foster creative thinking that will serve your child well throughout their life. It is a small business who are passionate for the environment. 

Their toys are in numerous ways.

An alternative play that encourages children to inquire, create and explore, all while learning essential skills. We want to give children the tools to grow into engaged thinkers and creators. 

Little Amber Rabbit sustainable practices include wood wool used to wrap products for shipping. The boxes are and should be recycled and reused. Gift wrap is made from recyclable brown paper, tissue paper and fabric ribbon. And fair pricing. 


Although, they strive to be plastic-free, some products are made from sturdy plastic for maximum use and can be donated once your child grows out of them.

You can shop by age, (newborn to 8 years old plus).


Books, locally made products, puzzles, wooden toys, stationary & craft, educational games & activities, vehicle & construction, creative play, baby shower gifts, and face masks

By brand:

Brands include Djeco, Green Toys, Grow baby, Le Toy Van, Lottie Dolls, Melissa & Doug, Tiger Tribe, 

Tooky Toy, Sophie la Girafe, Le Toy vanand Stumped Wooden Toys. 

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I especially love Little Amber Rabbits wooden toys selection. Wooden toys are biodegradable and recyclable. They spark creativity and imagination.

Wooden Toys are versatile, environmentally friendly and made from natural fibers such as pine and bamboo. They are traditional, last longer, less over stimulating and noisy, calming and are plastic-free. 

Paint used on wooden toys is usually non-toxic and plant based. They teach children multiple things at a time without them realizing it.

wooden blocks

Your child may learn and adapt skills on transportation, balancing, building, stacking, creativity, numeracy (numbers, counting and math) literacy (alphabet and reading), motor skills, repetition, never give up attitude, patience, positivity, processing and problem solving. 

Check out this company, Little Amber Rabbit, who is doing good for our children and the environment we live in. 
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In conclusion: While we are nurturing sustainability in children, and exploring local sustainable businesses, we look at a section that children spend a lot of time doing. This is play. Visit Little Amber Rabbit for more.

We are all striving do our very best in creating a sustainable tomorrow. Every little step counts. 

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cheers happy sustainable living, MrsChettyLife.

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