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Light at the end of the tunnel.

Light at the end of the tunnel Light at the end of the tunnel.

I am not your average girl. I am not the girl next door. I am not fly as hell. I am just at the starting point. I see a whole new future beyond me. I sit and stare, frantically questioning myself.

What am I doing?

Where am I going?


Who am I?

I see so many wonderful things, so many wonderful people. Be it moms or bloggers or whatnot. I find myself comparing. Why aren’t I like that. Why can’t I have a zillion followers and come up with such wonderful awestruck pieces.

What about me?

Where did I miss the plot?

Then it hits me. I am unique. It’s with time, effort, days of hard work and sacrifice. Be it sacrificing time or money. Nothing comes easy.

As long as I don’t give up. I’ll keep trying and someday I will get there. And others will look up at me and think the very same thing I’m thinking this minute.

The light is shining through.

Just at the very end of the tunnel.

Don’t give up.

You came this far, you have far to go.

You are special.

You are unique, there is no one exactly like you

Keep striving.

This I know you don’t give up easy.

You shine your own light. Don’t compare yourself.

Don’t sway. Don’t despair. Don’t be dismayed. Keep striving!!!

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