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 Life Purpose Part 1. Finding and achieving your life’s purpose. Finding your life purpose means you let God lead and you follow. Your purpose is already inside you. You know it partially. All you got to do is to tap into it and draw it out. While you prepare for it. It is a journey, so it does not happen at once. This post is a Three Part Series featuring Brittany from Ordinarily Extraordinary Mom.

It involves a MAJOR change in your mindset.

You may have ultimate peace in your decision to pursuing your purpose. Deep down your heart you will know it’s time, you are on the right path and doing the right thing.

Your purpose will simultaneously be what you need and what the world needs from you.

Sometimes life makes the decision for you. It’s up to you to sit and mourn or make the best of it. You are blessed, everything your hands touch is blessed. You must believe that.

 Why should we live a fulfilled life?

life purpose

You feel fulfilled and successful.

It helps you to realize your worth and stop settling for less.

You will live a meaningful life and live a legacy.

You will emerge brave and strong, facing your fears, letting go of them and tagging them along as an advantage rather than a disadvantage. Almost like wearing your scars proudly as they were part of your journey to greatness.

You are fitting in your own shoes: you will be the best version of yourself.

You will have direction.

Makes you happy.

You met the right people to help you on your path.

Blessing other people.

Having a sense of peace and stability and not mindless living.

Purpose can guide your life decisions.

It will influence positive behaviour.

Our purpose becomes a cornerstone for others as we share our downfalls, achievements and lessons to others going through something similar.

Shape your life and goals.

Your weakness and past experiences become a strength for others if you share it.

The waiting and preparing period in your journey to a fulfilled life:

When one door closes, another one opens.

There will be waiting periods when nothing seems to be happening but that stage is important. Use this time to prepare, groom, sharpen skills, research and work on yourself.

See the positive or look at your experiences from a different perspective. Gain strength from it and share it. Someone maybe going through something similar.

Sometimes we are not mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared for our purpose that is why its important to wait. Patience pays. It is like fine wine. The more you wait the finer it gets. Do something while you wait towards your goals.

Achieving your dream is like a pregnant woman who has to wait 9 months mostly to meet her baby. She cant see her baby but she knows her baby is there. In the meantime the baby is developing and growing while the mom is developing and growing too.

When the baby or dream is born motherly intuition kicks in naturally and you just know what to do. So trust the process, it will come to you.

How to prepare for your life purpose?

life purpose1

Acceptance of who you are and everything you have gone through and is currently going through. Admitting a problem is the first step to healing.

Work on improving your self-esteem. Because you are your biggest cheerleader and if your self-esteem is good, no one can trample it. We allow ourselves to be hurt only when we believe it. Only we (ourselves) can give the power to others to trample on us.

Open your heart to try something new.

Be patient.

Grow your customer base (paying and non-paying clients).

Create your brand (target audience, logos, websites, social media accounts, colours, labels, voice etc) and build it. Make it known to other people.

Get up and do something towards your goal especially on days you feel discouraged, down, or lazy.

Make your presence on social media. Because that’s where your clients are.

Show up. Don’t just create and abandon.

Be consistent and present.

Research and learn. Take a course.

Experiment with ingredients and recipes.

Invest your time and money wisely.

Write down resources, potential suppliers, and audiences.

Write down ideas and anything that comes to you.

Create samples. Do a professional photoshoot with your products. Pinterest has ideas on doing this.

Write down goals and vision.

Get rid of anything standing in your way (dream killers)

Work in silence.

Position yourself.

Have faith.

Remember that every bit you add in and invest whether through time, money, or tears it adds up and counts.

Discovering gifts, skills, and talents to be used for Gods glory.


‘The equation for purpose is G + P + V = PURPOSE.’

Richard Leider

Your vision in most times is a consistent gentle nudge. Your heart races thinking of it and it’s on your heart constantly. It won’t go away until you write it down, speak to someone about it and actually do something about it.

A gift is something you are naturally good at that no one else can do. It is unique to you. If you are not there to do it there is a blank space. More like a piece of a big puzzle. There maybe 500 pieces but the puzzle is not complete without you and your gift. Others will do something similar but not an exact match to what you can do.

Pieces of your character.

And things you do not like. Those shape your life’s purpose because they are the backbone or corner pieces that help you not to sway from your goal.

You will go out of your comfort zone and will be stretched thin until you snap or cant take it anymore then something beautiful happens. So it will not be easy but when you get there they will totally be worth it.

Remember that as you pursue your passion you will fall many times and you will have bad days. But what you do during and after those times is what counts. Get up, be encouraged and push more.

Acceptance of your current situation.

Knowing your life’s purpose is a journey. As you go you discover, develop, and sharpen.

Tap into what you are good at doing naturally.

There is no right or wrong way. Our paths are unique and special to each one of us. Our up brings, our past, culture and experiences play an important role.

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